Whose research data? Ethical considerations and legal boundaries

Guest lecture by Annette Birkeland, The National Research Ethics Committees

It takes effort for researchers to produce research data. Who owns the data? What rights and obligations do researchers and the research institution have? We will have a look at data ownership at UiT and discuss ethical aspects concerning data ownership and management, including Open Science.

The presentation will use interactive tools, and to take part in these you should have a smart phone available.




Zoom link: https://uit.zoom.us/j/67895885413?pwd=ZmMzTkJpMGZnT0FGMnlFNFVpMmgyUT09

Event organised by the UiT University Library and the UiT Research, Education and Communication Division

When: 15. November 2021 at 12.15–14.00
Where: Zoom
Location / Campus: Digital
Target group: Employees
Responsible: Helene N. Andreassen

Deadline: 14.11.2021
Participants: 51
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