Discover the Aurora at Tromsø Museum

03.02.2016 Nylund, Per Helge

Get a grip of the Aurora physics and learn more about the Aurora myths.
Try out hands-on Northern Lights in our plasma chamber. Enjoy a guided tour, an award-winning film – and get a free Northern Lights book!
Venue: Tromsø Museum, Lars Thørings veg 10. Starting time: 2.00PM. Price: NOK 270 per person. Please book 24hrs in advance, ph. 77645001 or

Hard facts and hands-on Aurora

Visit the only place where you are guaranteed to see an Aurora, whatever the time of year.

We offer a guided tour of the exhibition “The Aurora Explained” where the science behind the Lights will be revealed, as well as the history of auroral research. You may also create your own Northern Lights like Norwegian scientist Kristian Birkeland did when discovering their origin more than 100 years ago.

Northern Lights of legends and beauty

We invite you to see a beautiful show of Northern Lights photos and film. You can choose between two films, based on the time available. An introduction talk to the show provides you with some of the mythological explanations to these celestial lights, as found in folklore around the North Pole.


Our special gift to you – the best of Aurora science

Tromsø is a centre for worldwide Northern Lights research. Based on science performed here, we have made an 80-page book about the Arctic Lights. This is our gift to you – and perhaps an excellent gift idea for your friends?


Get familiar with Northern Wildlife, Sami people and Polar explorers

Your ticket also includes admission to all the other exhibitions in the museum plus the Polar Museum downtown, where a variety of topics awaits in comprehensive exhibitions. And there’s no need to rush, your ticket do not expire until you want to use it.


Film option 1:                                                           

Northern Lights – A Magical Experience                  

The most complete documentary on Northern Lights ever made. Winning awards on film festivals across Europe, this film is a must for those who want an in-depth explanation of the Aurora. Made by researcher Pål Brekke and photographer Fredrik Broms, 2014. Duration: 25 minutes.


Film option 2:

Northern Lights – Nature’s own spectacular show

The elusive, mystical and magical Aurora over Tromsø captured in stunning stills and time-lapse photo by photographer Bjørn Jørgensen, accompanied by specially composed music by Geir Bøhren and Bent Åserud. A beautiful and dream-like experience. Duration: 8 minutes or 13 minutes.


The trour begins at 2.00 PM. Please notice that this tour must be booked at least 24hours in advance. If you are in a hurry, you may call us to check if the tour is taking place today. Place your booking with us by calling+47 - 77 64 50 01, e-mail




- Northern Lights for everyone!

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