Tromsø Museum

Your oasis of knowledge!

At Tromsø Museum you will find exhibitions that provide insight in North Norwegian culture and nature. Here we present science in many forms and you can meet researchers in lectures and debates. Bring your family and friends for a rewarding day.

The exhibitions are here for you to experience, assess and explore. There are buttons to press, objects to touch and questions to be answered – either by you or your companions. Guided tours will tell you more about the stories behind the objects on display.

Northern Stories - Northern Life

Covering Norway north of the Arctic Circle as well as the Arctic regions, Tromsø Museum offers stories of stubborn survival, of generous beauty and vivid wildlife. Come explore!

The museum building on a lovely day of spring

Tromsø Museum. Photo: Adnan Icagic (c) Tromsø University Museum

What's there to see at Tromsø Museum?

Whether you prefer insects or indigenous people, Gothic sculpture or archaeology, Tromsø Museum will provide you with fascinating facts on nature and culture in Northern Norway. Our collections are very varied, and the many temporary exhibitions means there is always something new for you to discover.

Tromsø Museum is a university museum, and our exhibitions are mainly based on thorough and recent research, very often incorporating the latest news from the world of science.

More information on our exhibitions here

  • Café Rotunden offers snacks and refresments during weekends; self-service on weekdays

  • Well-stocked gift and science shop

The museum is beautifully located on the southern tip of the Tromsø island, near the recreational grounds of Folkeparken and the bay Telegrafbukta. Parking is free, and the exhibitions are accessible for wheelchair users.

Tromsø Museum is one of four exhibition arenas within Tromsø University Museum. The others are The Polar Museum, MS Polstjerna and the Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden.



Discover the Aurora at Tromsø Museum
Get a grip of the Aurora physics and learn more about the Aurora myths.
Try out hands-on Northern Lights in our plasma chamber. Enjoy a guided tour, an award-winning film – and get a free Northern Lights book!
Venue: Tromsø Museum, Lars Thørings veg 10. Starting time: 2.00PM. Price: NOK 270 per person. Please book 24hrs in advance, ph. 77645001 or
Botanical excursion to Guolasjávri
Join us for at botanical excursion to Guolasjávri in Kåfjord on Monday 8 July. Leave from the Botanic Garden in Tromsø at 08:00 in own cars. Welcome!

New guidebook to Svalbard's flowering plants
An easy to use flora in four languages; English, Korean, Chinese and Norwegian.
New e-book about rock garden landscapes in Tromsø
How to make rock garden landscapes in Tromsø? See a cavalcade of pictures in our new e-book here. Welcome to a journey through a very special botanic garden!


Langt nebb og lange bein - Årets fugl
Where: Norges arktiske Universitetsmuseum (Tromsø Museum)
Kvensk språkkafé / Kielikafea
Where: Norges arktiske universitetsmuseum (Tromsø Museum)

Norsk flagg   The flag of United Kingdom   Die deutsche Flagge     Le Pavillon français   La bandera española

Opening hours and prices

1.6. - 31.8.:

1.9.- 31.5.:
Mon - Fri 10.00 - 16.30
Saturday 12.00 - 15.00
Sunday 11.00 - 16.00

Open every day, except for 1. and 17.5., 24. and 25.12.

Opening hours during Easter 2018

Visiting adress:
Lars Thørings veg 10
Phone: +47 776 45 000

Ticket prices:

Adults: 70 NOK
Children (7-18)/Students/seniors: 30 NOK
Children under 7 years: free
Family ticket (2 adults + children): 120 NOK
Groups (minimum 10 persons): 45 NOK pr person

Combination ticket Tromsø Museum/Polarmuseet/MS Polstjerna:   80/40/160 NOK
Students and employees, UiT: Free

Opening hours
1.9–31.5:             11.00–17.00
1.6–31.8:             09.00–18.00

Open every day, except for 1 and 17 May.


Visiting address:
Søndre Tollbodgt 11

Phone: 77 62 33 60


Ticket prices:

Adults: 70 NOK
Children (7-18)/Students/seniors: 35 NOK
Children under 7 years: free
Family ticket (2 adults + children): 140 NOK
Groups (minimum 10 persons): 50 NOK pr person

Combination ticket Tromsø Museum/Polarmuseet/MS Polstjerna:   100/50/200 NOK
Students and employees, UiT: Free



Visiting adress:
Hjalmar Johansens gate 10 (by Polaria)
Phone: 77 62 33 60

Please observe that the stairs inside the ship are very steep. Visitors not comfortable with climbing ladders are advices to stay on the main deck. Regrettably, wheelchairs can not get onboard the vessel. Due to some high thresholds and dim lighting in parts of the ship, we recommend visitors with vision impairments to be accompanied.

Ticket prices for MS Polstjerna

Adults: 40 NOK
Children (7-18)/students/seniors: 20 NOK
Children under 7 years: free
Family ticket (2 adults + children): 80 NOK

Groups over 10 persons: 30 NOK pr person

Combination ticket MV Polstjerna/Tromsø Museum/Polarmuseet: 80/40/160 NOK

Combination ticket MV Polstjerna/Polaria:
- Adults: 115 NOK
- Children: 60 NOK
- Students: 75 NOK
- Seniors: 90 NOK


The Botanical Garden is open 24/7.

(The Botanical Garden has only outdoor displays.)

The cafe in Botanical garden

Summertime (1.6. - 31.8.)
Every day: 11.30-15.30

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