Andreassen, Helene N.

Head of Library Teaching and Learning Support. Responsible for Linguistics, Speech Therapy and Romance languages

Dørum, Kine

Assistant professor

Ekanger, Aysa

Research and publishing support, Open Access
Work areas:
Open Access

Figenschou, Lars

Responsible for Biology, Geology and Fisheries

Flytkjær, Vibeke

Professional group leader in the field of ICT and learning

Heitmann, Kari

Collection development and purchase in the Alta library
Work areas:

Kruuse-Meyer, Sidsel

Information Literacy masterstudents Engineering, CristiN Support, Library services generally

Moksness, Lars

PhD Candidate in Marketing within the field of Open Access publishing
Work areas:
Open Access / Ph.d.

Overvåg, Grete

Senior Librarian, responsible for the Health sciences

Stenersen, Mark

Projectmanager, Grapgic Designer and advisor in graphic communication and web development & design

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