The University Library offers a wide range of support services, which have been specifically designed for the institution’s researchers. These services, which are outlined in the four sections below, are in addition to the general library services related to finding subject literature, the use of reference tools and access to databases.

Our ambition is to offer support to researchers in all phases of research, from the idea phase, project description and application through to implementing the research and publishing and archiving of the research results.

Examples of specialised services:

  • Development of data management plans
  • Management of research data
  • Support for open access publishing
  • How to fulfil the funders’ requirements for OA publishing and archiving of research data?
  • Identifying literature and systematic searches

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If you have any questions or wish to be contacted about our services, please ask your subject librarian or contact us at

More information about research data management is available on the UiT Research Data Portal:

    What, why and how?

    • Systematic search – survey – involves getting an overview of existing research literature in your chosen field. It is an important element in most applications for research funding, but it can be an extensive and challenging task. UB can provide assistance to individual researchers and research groups to perform systematic surveys of research literature.

    • Data management plan (DMP)– is a formal plan outlining how you will collect and handle the data. Such plans are generally required in project applications. UB can help you to write a DMP that satisfies the requirements of your research funder and – perhaps even more importantly – makes it easier for you to keep track of your project.
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    • Archiving of result data – involves archiving research data in a proper manner and over a longer period. The research funder generally makes it a requirement that data resulting from the research project they have (part)financed is archived in a suitable archive. There are a variety of archiving services for research data.
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    • Quality assurance of publishing plan – Project applications generally include a plan outlining how research results will be published. It is now often a requirement that publication should be Open Access. UB can provide assistance to individual researchers and research groups to quality assure that the publication plan meets the requirements of the relevant funders.


    If you have any questions or wish to be contacted about our services, please ask your subject librarian or contact us at

    The University Library runs a seminar series  aimed at PhD students under the title “Take control of your PhD journey: From (p)reflection to publishing”. The courses were first held in the spring semester in 2015, and we aim to run such courses once per semester.

    Course material from previous courses is available on slideshare.  

    Read more about the content at Take control of your PhD journey.        

    We also offer other courses that are open to anyone, but may still be  useful to new researchers. 
    See  all courses at UB

    We can run courses on the same or similar topics on request and customize themes as required. You can also suggest other topics that may be of relevance to PhD students. Please contact us by sending an e-mail to 

    Database searches – find quality resources for your research

    The University Library possesses a high level of competence in the use of all databases in our portfolio, and we have broad experience in the development and implementation of systematic searches in these.

    We offer assistance to researchers and PhD students with the following requirements:

    • Refresher courses in the use of various databases
    • Assistance with literature searches in the early stages of new projects
    • Quality assurance of literature searches in connection with project applications
    • Assistance with literature searches for PhD students in connection with disputations and given topic.

    Please contact your subject librarian for guidance.


    Efficient reference management

    UiT has a software licence for the reference management tool EndNote.

    Go to EndNote for more information about the software and UB’s EndNote courses.
    Go to Reference management for information about other common tools.

    Publish and reach out with your research

    The University Library can  offer advice on the choice of publishing channels and the use of social media to promote publications and network with other researchers. Useful channels  may vary from subject to subject. Please contact your subject librarian.

    Social media and research visibility

    Social media can be a useful tool to expand research networks and gain greater awareness of your research. New platforms for networking aimed at researchers are steadily popping up, but the most popular ones are ResearchGate and Academia.