Data management plan samples

The requirement of providing a research data managment plan (DMP) is rather new at UiT and in Norway, and it has not been common to make such plans openly available. Below, you will find links to DMPs from research projects at foreign institutions. Many of them may not follow (all) the requirements and/or templates applicable for UiT researchers. However, they may still give you an indication of how to write a DMP.

If you have any questions about DMPs and/or other issues of research data management, please contact us at

CESSDA ERIC - Examples of DMP questions and answers based on fictional research projects (social sciences):

Digital Curation Centre (DCC) - Example DMPs and guidance (various disciplines):

DMPTool - Public Plans (various disciplines):

Liber DMP Catalogue (various disciplines):

Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office (BCO-DMO):

Prosjektheimeside Datahandteringsplan

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