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Research funders generally make it a requirement that data resulting from the research project they have (part)financed are archived in a proper manner. There are a variety of archiving services for research data that satisfy such requirements. If you have received funding from the Research Council of Norway with a requirement to archive data at NSD, you are obliged to archive your data there.

If you are a researcher at UiT, you can archive your data in UiT Open Research Data (lenke til Id). But it may also be appropriate to choose a service outside of UiT instead, e.g. a well-established archive within your subject area. The website provides access to a comprehensive register of research data archives worldwide. This can also be a relevant source for supplementary data and collaborative environments. You can browse and search by “Subject” (e.g. Linguistics, Physics), “Content Type” (e.g. Audiovisual data, Plain text) and “Country”.

Søk i r3data

Please note that different research funders may make different requirements concerning the type of archive you should choose to store your data. An increasingly common requirement is that research data should be open access. In this case, you should select the option “Open Access” when searching in the re3data register. You should also select “Persistent Identifier”, which means that each data set is assigned a permanent URL.

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