UiT Open Research Data

UiT Open Research Data is a data archiving service for archiving, sharing, reusing, and citing research data, with the aim to promote open and reproducible research.

UiT Open Research Data is an archive for open research data, in which all employees and students at UiT may upload their research data. The archive, which is operated by the University Library, is built on the Dataverse software, with metadata templates that comply with the requirements of DataCite. Each dataset is assigned a DOI and an automatically generated reference for use in publications. The archive also has version control, whereby all changes made in the dataset after initial publication are registered and made visible.

For more information and user guides, see site.uit.no/opendata. You can also contact us at researchdata@hjelp.uit.no.

The University Library offers short courses that provide an introduction to how you can archive data in UiT Open Research Data. The courses are announced at uit.no/tavla

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