Self-archiving via CRIStin

Here is a brief instruction of how to self-archive publications via CRIStin.

Fig. – How to self-archive: Final manuscript version of the article (UiT author) – Upload file in CRIStin – Archive in Munin (UiT’s institutional repository)

What, why and how to self-archive?   

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Prior to publication

  • Gain acceptance from your co-authors that you are going to self-archive the article when you agree to collaborate on the article (see example of consent for self-archiving)
  • Ensure you keep/obtain the final manuscript version you submitted to the journal. AS a general rule, this is what you are allowed to make available in Munin.

It is also possible to arrange this in retrospect, but experience shows that it is more efficient to arrange it immediately. We do not require any evidence that you have clarified what you are self-archiving with your co-authors and that they consent to this.

Registering in CRIStin

Once the article is published, you can find the article in CRIStin, click the button “Submit full-text document”, click on the relevant buttons that appear and upload the file. If a file name appears at the top of the page when you click the button, in all likelihood one of your co-authors has already done the job. You will be able to see who has uploaded the article.

Your job will then basically be done. However, you can look at the information about keywords, subject affiliation and funding to check it is correct and make any necessary corrections or add additional information.

See detailed user instructions for self-archiving via CRIStin:

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