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What is Munin

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Munin Munin is UiT’s open repository. The purpose of Munin is to make openly available as much as possible of scholarly documents produced by UiT’s researchers and graduate students.

In Munin you will find master theses, doctoral theses, articles, book chapters, research reports, conference items and more.

Munin is not a traditional publishing channel, but rather a service for making openly available documents that are published elsewhere, or possibly never published. Note that unpublished reports and other unpublished documents may be published, without any peer review, in the series Septentrio Reports. The document or report will then obtain a published reference with a DOI, and this may be an alternative to including an unpublished document in Munin.

Why Munin

Society’s benefit from scholarly documents, and these documents’ impact, is best if they are disseminated as widely and efficiently as possible to those who may find them useful. Munin complies with international standards that assures the efficient outreach of the content through scholarly search services, as well as through Google and other general search tools.

Students’ works and research results and publications are commonly funded through publicly financed education and research. If it is publicly funded it should also be publicly available. Munin makes this goal possible.


Master and doctoral theses are submitted for evaluation through the thesis submission portal in Munin. As soon as a thesis is approved it may be made openly available in Munin. The student may choose to restrict or postpone the dissemination of his/her thesis through Munin. The library will always respect these choices, as well as respect the publishers’ policies and the limitations these may introduce for the dissemination of journal articles and other documents.

Copies of articles, reports, book chapters and other publications may be included in Munin by submitting these through CRIStin. As a rule of thumb: If you have published Open Access, then please submit the published version of the article/document. If you have published non-Open Access, then please submit a pdf of the final (peer reviewed) manuscript version of the article/document. The library will do the job of checking what we are allowed to disseminate, before releasing the article/document in Munin.

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