• Any resident above the age of 18 can borrow documents from the University Library. Most of the University Library's printed material is for loan. You can search for material in Oria
  • Guaranteed lending time of two weeks.
  • For students the student ID card is the library card. From the time you receive your student ID-card it will pass approx. 2 days before it is vallid as a patron card with the University Library.
  • In the event of problems with your student iD card, you must contact the Student Information Office before you are allowed to borrow material from the library.
  • If you are not a student, you must show up at one of our libraries and produce valid identification (e.g. bank card or driver's licence) before you get a library card.

There is a guaranteed lending time of two weeks. As long as there is no waiting list, a loan will be automatically renewed. When you receive a recall notice, you will have to return the book and borrow it again if necessary.

Order/reserve material on loan

If a document is on loan or unavaible from your campus, you can order/reserve it in Oria.

  • Go to Oria and sign in in the top right corner.
  • Click the tab "Get it" and then click "Request". Choose pickup location and hit "Request".

You will be notified when the document is ready to be collected. The document will be held for you for 3 working days. If you don't collect the document within the given timeframe it will either go to the next person on the waiting list or be placed back on the shelf.

NOTE: You cannot reserve material that is availabe in your library (or nearby libraries), you retrieve such material from the shelf. If you cannot locate a document on the shelf, use the same procedure to order as above, but include a note in the comment field (e.g. "Not on shelf at science and health library").

Distance students, order material delivered home by mail

  • Sign in to Oria
  • Click "Get it" and choose "Request".

Note: Choose home address as the pickup location

The book you have ordered will be retrieved from the shelf and sent to your home address. If there is a waiting list you will be added to the queue, and a copy of the book will be sent when it becomes available.

The guaranteed borrowing time is 14 days. After that your loan will be automatically renewed unless there is a waiting list. You will notified when you need to return the book.

If you need more help you can contact us here: postmottak@ub.uit.no

Order material not available from UiT

If you are a student or an employee and you need material we don't own, it can be ordered via inter-library loan. However, if we have electronic access to the material you're looking for, we will not order printed copies from other libraries.

  • Sign in to Oria and search for the title using the search criteria "All libraries"
  • Click "Get it" and choose "Resource sharing request". Review the information on the form and hit "Request".

You will be notified when the document is ready for you. If you wish to renew an inter-library loan please contact the University Library.

The University library's services are free of charge.

(Instated 1 December 2016) 

UiT University library is a public scientific library. The collections consist of physical and digital material, individual rights and obligations apply to the use of physical documents and the library's electronic resources. We have a Digital First policy, which means that e-books and e-journals will be preferred by the Acquisitions department, when such are available.  

The patron has implicitly accepted these lending rules when the library patron card is taken into use. Patrons are reponsible for making themselves acquainted with the lending rules. Patron card for students is included in the student ID card. Other patrons will receive patron card in the library.  

Basic services 

Rights vary depending on patron’s connection with UiT. General right to borrowing is available for persons above 18 years of age. This includes borrowing physical documents when visiting the library, and the use of the library’s digital collection at the premises.  


Premium services 

Employees and students have the right to use all material owned by the University library, (excepting material under specific restrictions). Employees and students can order documents through the discovery tool Oria, and the can request documents from all of the UiT libraries and receive them at chosen library location. These users are also offered inter library loans from libraries outside UiT 

Students enrolled at UiT, who follow decentralised programs, or for some other reason studies outside of a UiT campus, can arrange to have books shipped to home address in Norway, or library with UiT academic contract.  

The University library offers services beyond basic services to users with affiliation to institutions who have formalised agreements with the University library. Persons who do not have such affiliations, must request services from their own institution or from a public library.  

Patron responsibilities 

Documents the patron removes from the University library must be checked out 

Patron is personally responsible for all material registered to their patron card. If material is loaned to third party, the responsibility remains with registered patron.