Norwegian for International Students (10 ECTS) - Campus Alta

This course is given as a part of campus Alta’s program for exchange students.

It is also possible for international degree students on campus to sign up for classes after they have been given permission by the faculty. In this case the student himself is responsible if the timetables cross, as the course is only coordinated within the special program for exchange students, and may not necessarily fit into other programs on campus. It is not possible to attend this course as a private/external candidate and the requirements are that the students must attend at least 80 % of the classes.

This course gives an introduction to the Norwegian language as it gives instruction and practices in the four basic language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The course also includes some instruction in Norwegian grammar. It equals the first half of NOR-0042, Norwegian for Foreign Students, Level 1, and corresponds to the A1 level of the Common European Framework for Language, CEF.

At the end of the course the student is expected to


-          be able to understand slow and clear Norwegian speech about everyday matters

-          know how to conduct a simple conversation using a concrete vocabulary and to ask for information

-          read the texts in the course books and similar texts on subjects to do with daily life

-          have a basic vocabulary of appr. 1,500 words, and knowledge of the basic rules of grammar and phonetics.

The course concludes with an oral exam. No aids are permitted.

The exam is graded on a scale from A-F, with E as the lowest passing grade.


Contact person for signing up: Natalia Kononova



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