Arctic Adventure Tourism - one year programme


Could you see yourself in a management position in tourism? Are you secretly planning to establish the most awesome adventure company known to human kind? Or would you just like to spend time in the most spectacular arctic scenery imaginable, meanwhile educating yourself in a sustainable profession? Whatever your dreams are, we welcome you to a one year adventure with the Arctic Adventure Tourism year program at the University of Tromsø campus Alta. You will not regret it.


Duration:1 Years
Location: Alta
Credits (ECTS):60
Admission requirements:Higher Education Entrance Qualification and certified language requirements in English.
Application deadline:Nordic applicants: 15. April
International applicants: 1 December
Application code:Nordic applicants: 9501<br/>International applicants: 2064
How to Apply

Arctic Adventure Tourism

This international program is aimed at people interested in pursuing a career in the diverse and exciting tourism industry. The study is given in Alta, and the language of instruction is English. Arctic Adventure Tourism is the right study program for those of you like to work with other people; have a "can-do" attitude; welcome challenges; and love disigning and producing outdoor and cultural experiences. The program will provide you with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to develop and strengthen the tourism industry at every level. The value basis of the program is the respect and concern for nature and culture.

The study program is a full-time program comprising 60 ECTS.

After completing the study program, the candidate will:

  • have basic knowledge of the Arctic region, its nature, peoples and cultures;
  • have basic knowledge of tourism research, the theoretcal foundations of tourism subjects and key topics, issues, processes, tools and methods within the field of study;
  • be able to understand tourism as both a phenomenon and an industry, and know the basic historical development of tourism; and
  • have basic knowledge of tourism experience production, consumption, management and design, and of risk management in a natural environment

After completing the study program, the candidate will:

  • have gained basic practical skills, methods and routines regarding designing, selling, organizing and leading of safe, responsible tourism experiences;
  • be able to disseminate this knowledge as a host or a guide to the guests, on the basis of knowledge about Arctic nature, culture and its peoples;
  • be able to compremise risk in nature-based activities, without letting this affect the overall tourist experience; and
  • have gained analytical skills that enable them to use relevant information for the improvement of products and employee actions.

General competance
After completing the study program, the candidate will:

  • have gained an understanding of the relationship between theory, practice and the dissemination of knowledge, and be able to critically assess the values and attitudes that characterise today's tourism and tourist practices;
  • be able to present and communicate relevant theories, issues and solutions orally and in writing, both in a business and in an academic context;
  • be able to contribute to the development of smaller tourism businesses, and to the disigning, leading and selling of safe, fun and responsible tourism activities; and
  • be familiar with the relationship between tourism, society, culture and the natural environment.

Higher Education Entrance Qualification and certified language requirements in English.


Applicants from Norway or other Nordic countries:

  • The deadline for autumn semester admission applications for Norwegian and other Nordic applicants is April 15th
  • The online application is via Søknadsweb

Applicants from outside Nordic countries:

  • The deadline for autumn semester admission applications is December 1st.
  • Online application: Søknadsweb


Are you an international applicant?

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The course acticities consist of different teaching methods. Levtures will give candidates an overwiew of the theoretical field and deeper knowledge of the challenges in Arctic adventure tourism. Candidates will analyse, discuss and position their knowledge into relevant contexts. External lectures, field trips and training will lead to practical skills, and help candidates to gain an overall insight of the tourism industry. Candidates will receive supervision and individual guidance in writing essays, group assignments and written exams. Candidates are expected to perform independant studies, including curriculum not specified in the scheduled teaching.

Practical tasks and field trips, which take place in an natural environment, are an integrated part of this study.

The following requirements must be approved before the candidate is allowed to take the exam:

  • Participation in all practical tasks and field trips, including preparation and follow-up work.
  • Work requirements, reports and any type of follow-up work included in every course. The lecturer will decide what type of work will be carried out in relation to every course.
  • Planning, implementation and presentation of group projects.

Practical exercises are integrated into every course, and are an important part of the learning and practical experience process of each candidate.

Upon completion of the study, the "Year-long program in Arctic Adventure Tourism" will provide candidates with an opportunity to work with all manner of businesses, from small enterprises to multinational companies.

Candidates will acquire the practical skills, knowledge and attitude required to embody a leader role within a team, with the potential to advance to a managerial position. They will also gain knowledge of how to establish their own small business ventures.

The candidate will have an opportunity to seek a career in:

  • Activity and adventure companies
  • Businesses where host-guest interaction is crucial
  • Destination marketing companies
  • The hospitality industry
  • Teaching and research institutions (requires further education)

After completion of this one-year study, the candidate can proceed and specialize in guiding, operations management, marketing, sales, human resources, finance, training, product&business development and event planning.


Start of new class autumn 2016 requires enough qualified applicants


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