Bioinorganic Chemistry - Chemistry - master



Duration:2 Years
Location: Tromsø
Credits (ECTS):120
Qualification:Master of Science in Chemistry
Admission requirements:Bachelor's degree in chemistry or similar
Application deadline:Nordic applicants: 15 April/1 November
International applicants: 1 December
Application code:Nordic applicants: 4009<br/>International applicants: 2010
How to Apply
This discipline is included in the Master's Degree Progam in Chemistry .


The inorganic- and materials chemistry (bioinorganic) group is working on the synthetic and computer simulation of metallo-enzymes, in the development of synthetic method in fluorochemistry, self assembly and dynamic combinatorial chemistry. The program gives students an interdisciplinary introduction to transition metal chemistry and metalloenzymes. Individual research projects involve one or more of the following: synthesis and synthetic methods development; self-assembly processes and dynamic combinatorial libraries; spectroscopic and electrochemical studies; aspects of materials; surface and nano-science; computer modelling of molecules, reactions, and environmental processes. Bioinorganic chemistry is an interdisciplinary research area and the degree program will therefore be flexible, allowing students to choose courses from areas such as computer science, biology and physics.

Term 10 ects 10 ects 10 ects
First term (autumn)
Optional courses
Optional KJE-3000 course
Second term (spring)
Optional course
Optional KJE-3000 course
Third term (autumn)
Fourth term (spring)

Admission to the Master`s programme in Chemistry requires a Bachelor`s degree (180 ECTS) in Chemistry or equivalent. More information on admission requirements:

Applicants from Norway or Nordic countries:

  • The application deadline for Norwegian and other Nordic applicants is April 15th for admission to the autumn semester

Applicants from outside the Nordic countries:

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