Theoretical Chemistry - Molecular Sciences - master



Duration:2 Years
Location: Tromsø
Credits (ECTS):120
Qualification:Master of Science in Chemistry
Admission requirements:Bachelor's degree in chemistry or similar
Application deadline:Nordic applicants: 15 April/1 November
International applicants: 1 December
Application code:Nordic applicants: 4009<br/>International applicants: 2010
How to Apply
This discipline is included in the Master's Degree Progam in Chemistry .

Activity in theoretical chemistry is directed towards the study of molecular structure and reactions, particularly in the chemistry of the Lanthanides and Actinides, and in understanding changes in electronic structure under the influence of powerful magnetic fields. The latter is aimed at simulation of NMR spectra and also concerns the effect of molecular vibrations on response to magnetic fields. Development of new methods is also an important part of the research activity. The program gives a detailed introduction to the use and/or development of methods for the computational modelling of chemical reactions and molecular properties. The program will in addition provide a solid background in one or more of the subjects mathematics, physics, computer science and biology. The extent to which these different subjects will be emphasized in the program will depend on the interests and background of the individual student, but the use of these methods for attacking chemical problems will always be central.

Admission to the Master`s programme in Chemistry requires that:

  • The student holds a Bachelor`s degree (180 ECTS) in Chemistry or equivalent qualification, with a major in chemistry/biochemistry of minimum 80 ECTS.
  • The student is eligible according to UiT - The Arctic University of Norway's general admission rules:
    General admission requirements - Master
  • International students from non-Nordic countries (except students with English as their mother tongue), must meet the Department of Chemistry's English proficiency requirement: Students must have at least the minimum score in each category of the IELTS or TOEFL tests. Department of Chemistry's minimum scores are:



Reading 6.5 22

Listening 6.5 22

Speaking 6.5 22

Writing 6.5 25



Applicants deadlines:

  • Norway or Nordic countries:
    15th of April for admission to the autumn semester
    1st of November for admission to the spring semester
    (Application code: 4009)


  • International applicants outside Nordic countries:
    1 December for admission to the autumn semester
    (Use online application, study code 2010)


Are you an international applicant? Read more here.

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