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The WarPeD research group represents scholars at UiT from many departments who are examining the diverse issues and challenges related to war and peace dynamics. It is the goal of this group to highlight and profile this research taking place at the university in various areas of war and peace- ranging from cultural and media studies, security and international relations, philosophy, health, peace studies, and issues surrounding development.

This site is an information-sharing portal for those inside and outside of the UIT community who are interested in learning more about war and peace research taking place at UiT. The intention of the WarPeD network is to profile and promote the diverse research on war and peace taking place at the University and beyond.

WarPeD holds in-house and online seminars once or twice every month during the academic year to debate research ideas and proposals as well as scholarly work which is either published or in the process of publication.

Marc Lanteigne (Political Science - UiT) is the administrator of WarPeD for 2021-22.

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