Living the War:Nursing, Health Care and Living Conditions in the Barents Region, 1939-1945

Dato/tid: 13.06.2012 09:00 - 14.06.2012 15:30
Sted: Auditorium 2, MH-building, Campus Breivika, UiT
Ansvarlig: Åshild Fause

Open cross-disciplinary symposium on nursing, health care and living conditions in the Barents region during the second World War and aftermath.

Russian, Finnish, British and Norwegian researchers are participating, presenting research and perspectives on this crucial period across the disciplines of history, nursing, anthropology and pharmacology.

Everybody is welcome. Free admission.

Arr.: Research group for patient-near nursing research, Department for Health and Care sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Tromsø/ Network of medical history, National Technical Museum.

Attachments / Pictures

Program symposium 2012_24mai1
Nurses and staff at the evacualtion of Tromsø Hospital, May 1940