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General information

The Faculty of Fine Arts is engaged in research and professional development work at high levels within the arts field. The faculty plays a vital role in the local and regional arts scene by its extensive audience directed activities, both under its own auspices and in collaboration with other actors.

The Faculty of Fine Arts aims to be recognized as a national and international point of reference, as playing an imperative role in developing the arts in the High North and an active partner in the international community of higher arts education organizations.
Our aspiration is for our students and staff members to thrive and experience the University of Tromsø as a place they can recommend to others for work and study.
The Faculty of Fine Arts consists of two departments, The Music Conservatory and The Academy of Contemporary Art and Creative Writing, which offer the following study programs and courses:

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s Program in Contemporary Art
  • BA and MA in Music, both with performance and teaching emphasis
    (Norwegian language requirement)
  • BA in Drama and Theater
    (Norwegian language requirement)
  • BA in Arts Mediation
    (Norwegian language requirement)
  • One-year Course in Creative Writing
    (Norwegian language requirement)
  • Courses in music and drama as part of the general teacher’s education program
    (Norwegian language requirement)

Detailed information can be found at the department webpages:
Art Academy
Music Conservatory

International relations

At the Faculty of Fine Arts we promote international cooperation in various ways, through masterclasses, artistic cooperation, intensive projects as well as student and staff exchange. A large portfolio of agreements with higher institutions of music and arts education in Europe and other parts of the world enables our students and teachers to go abroad for shorter or longer periods of time. In turn we invite students and faculty from abroad to spend time at the world’s northernmost art academy and music conservatory.

We participate among others in the Erasmus Program (music, fine art) and the Nordplus Network (music)

Contact persons:

Erasmus, Nordplus, free movers, degree students:  Michael Strobelt
Quota scholarship program: Michael Strobelt

Employees at Department of Music, Dance and Drama:

Latest news

Acting and reflecting; making connections between theory and practice in teacher education  (Anne Eriksen, Annelise Brox Larsen & Tove Leming) In this paper, the authors explore the benefits of using theatre methods to enhance the reflective practice of teacher students. An applied theory of transformational learning is applied to enlighten the question of how practical experience from school placements played out in various theatre modes may empower the students in their professional performance as future teachers.
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