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UiT The Arctic University of Norway is a multi-campus comprehensive university at the international forefront. Our vision is to be a driving force for developing the High North. The Northern Sami notion eallju, which means eagerness to work, sets the tone for this motive power at UiT. Our strategy and goal is “Eallju – Developing the High North".

Along with students, staff and the wider community, we aim to utilise our location in Northern Norway and Sápmi, our broad and diverse research and study portfolio and interdisciplinary advantage to shape the future. However, we cannot achieve this alone. We are dependent on committed and competent employees to succeed!

Scientific positions

Technical/administrational positions

A diverse community

Given the wide diversity of academic environments, UiT The Arctic University of Norway is viewed as an attractive workplace both at home and abroad. The university has employees from 76 different nations, which demonstrates the strong emphasis attached to having a diverse community.

Equal opportunities, equality and tolerance are concepts that have a central place in the management, administration, research environments and teaching, as well as among the students. We believe that having a diverse community is a requirement for developing strong administrative and academic environments.

Personal and professional development

Having expertise in all areas in which we work is essential for UiT The Arctic University of Norway to be a major contributor to growth in the High North. Consequently, personal and professional development for our employees is important for us. As an employee at UiT, you will get the opportunity to develop by participating in internal and external courses, as well as having the opportunity to attend relevant conferences and seminars.

Being a higher education institution, further education is a natural part of our provision to our employees. As an employee at UiT, you can take further education within your discipline if you are employed at one of our campuses in Norway or are stationed abroad.

Inclusive workplace

UiT The Arctic University of Norway has a strong focus on co-workership. This means that all employees have a joint responsibility to contribute to inclusion. We work closely with the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) to achieve a more inclusive working life. This collaboration contributes to reducing absence due to illness and disability benefits. Furthermore, it enables the resources and capacity for work of the individual to be developed and utilised in active work.

The university is part of the National Inclusion Initiative, which has been developed by the government. The goal is for 5% of new employees at state enterprises to be people with disabilities or gaps in their CVs.

Balance between work and leisure

At UiT The Arctic University of Norway, we understand that life consists of more than work. No two employees are the alike when it comes to what obligations they have in everyday life. As an employer, UiT wishes to facilitate a good balance between work and leisure.

Most units have flexitime schemes that make it easier for employees who require flexibility in their everyday life.

Physical activity

Many studies have been conducted on the connection between physical health and the capacity for work. All the studies show that exercise leads to employees with more energy, better moods, increased concentration and lower absence due to illness. As an employee at UiT, you will receive an hour for exercise during working hours every week.

The university also has an active corporate sports club covering a wide range of sporting activities: general sports, bowling, football, athletics, floorball, skiing, cycling, hiking, volleyball and yoga. Besides physical activity, this offers you the opportunity to get to know your colleagues in a completely different setting – perfect team building!


In the event of changes to someone’s work or life situation, UiT The Arctic University of Norway tries to be a facilitator. New employees who move to a new workplace can receive the offer of rental housing and be given priority for kindergarten places.

The university has an occupational health service agreement with Hemis, which maps the working environment and assists to resolve any issues related to this. As well as being specialists in the organisational and psychosocial work environment, they offer various services focusing on work-related health risks. These measures are all part of ensuring that our employees have the best possible working environment.

Everyone employed at least 14 hours per week in the public service are members of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (SPK). Members of SPK are entitled to a housing loan of up to NOK 1.7 million. Membership also provides secure pension savings, as well as group life and occupational injury insurance.

Career opportunities

A large organisation like UiT The Arctic University of Norway offers opportunities for different career paths for individual employees, academic as well as administrative. Consequently, if you are looking for new challenges, you might not need to look so far. New positions and opportunities are continually opening within the organisation.