Highlights in Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden. Don't miss these plants flowring right now:

Nemophila maculata and menziesii. Foto: Arve Elvebakk Foto: Arve Elvebakk

1. Two annuals just above the Café (too intimate to be kept open this year), both from California. Fivespot (Nemophila maculata) only grows near the foothills of Sierra Nevada, baby Blue Eyes (N. menziesii) extends just into Oregon and into adjacent Mexico. 

2. Our peonarium. They are spring plants further south, but have a longer growth period before flowering is induced up here, where they become larger. Most plants with simple flowers are wild species, the others are cultivars, some with huge, up to 20 cm wide flowers.  


3. Norway’s national plant Saxifraga cotyledon in the wall in the lower part of the Saxifraga collection.   


4. Giant Cowslip (Primula florindae) and related species both in our Primula and Himalaya collections.


5. Dianthus superbus, the fringed pink. In Norway a specialist of northeasternmost Finnmark. Is in the Arctic Valley, along with several other species of the genus in the nearby Alps.


6. Tall yellow or red species in the Meconopsis slope, previously called M. napaulensis, but now M. × complexa, of garden hybrid origin. They die after flowering, so we need our capsules with seeds to produce new plant generations.


7.  Tall perennials throughout the Garden, particularly among the Traditional plants.


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Highlights 2 - 2020