Highlights 2020

Highlights in Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden. Don't miss these plants flowring right now:

Eryngium alpinum. Foto: Arve Elvebakk, UM.


1. The strange umbelifer, alpine sea holly (Eryngium alpinum), at the S part of our Alps. The blue bracts are not part of the flower, similar to the red ones in poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima).


2. The tall perennials in the collection of old garden plants from North Norway. Here is another strange umbelifer, great masterwort (Astrantia major), in addition to very tall meadow-sweets (Filipendula), monkshoods (Aconitum) and many more.


3. The buttercup family NW of the Pond. Thanks to cow dung, larkspurs (Delphinium spp.) are now more than 3 m tall, and there is an impressive passage through the tallest colony.


4. The world’s largest gentian collection, now featuring the blue Chinese Gentiana hexaphylla.


5. The composite genus Cremanthodium. This is probably also the world’s largest collection - in our Himalaya. They are a speciality with us as they do not tolerate at all warmer climates of gardens further south. Most have yellow, nodding flower heads/capitulae.


6. The Pyrenean saxifrage (Saxifraga longifolia). It still flowers in the lowermost part of our saxifrage collection, and just around the corner, the annual, citric yellow Mexican slipper Calceolaria mexicana.


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