Enrolment checklist for international students

A step-by-step checklist to matriculation, the process by which you are formally enrolled as a student to UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

Personal login (username & password)

Once you have been admitted, we will send you an email containing login details (personal login, username and password) for our Student Web.

The username will be sent to your registered email-address on the Application Web (Søknadsweb). Please check your spam folder as well.


How to activate your IT-user Account?

To gain access to the University's IT services, please carefully follow the following steps:

      1. send an email to the IT Service Desk (Orakel) by filling out this form
      2. use the same email adress for your application to admission to contact Orakel
      3. write in the email subject/title line: "Activate international student".
      4. make sure to add your "username" (the username as in abc123) in your email. The username is sent separately to you in an email entitled "Studentweb and Enrolment".
      5. be precise in your email. A statement such as "I need to activate my UiT IT account" is sufficient.


IT Services for Students

The following services will be available after 20 minutes from the activation:

All other services will be available the following day. These are services include:


Changing your passowrd after the activation

You can change your password after the activation of your student IT account on this website: Password services



Please contact It Help Desk (Orakelet), if you are experiencing problems after the activation of your IT account:

Payment of semester fee (non-exchange students)

To get access to register for classes and examinations, you must first pay the semester fee, a statutory fee for students in Norway paid to the student organization. The current semester fee is NOK 625, of which NOK 40 is a voluntary SAIH fee. Please pay your semester fee as soon as you have received your PIN code & UiT ID Number.

Payment deadlines:

  • 1 September for Autumn semester

  • 1 February for Spring semester

Exchange students are exempted from paying the semester fee.

Creating an invoice on Studentweb to pay the semester fee

Log into your account on Studentweb. Select Payments in the top menu and choose Create invoice. Transfer the money. Remember to type in correctly the bank account (IBAN), BIC (Swift), and invoice number. Alternatively, you can use your name as a reference (KID number is only used if you pay from a Norwegian bank account). The information you need is specified in the invoice on Studentweb. (Note that each invoice has a unique invoice number and KID number for each student each semester).

Overseas payment

Use your local bank or an online money transfer service. Use the exact exchange rates to Norwegian Kroner and add the commission that may be deducted from the money transfer before making the payment. Note that it can take up to 12 days before we receive your payment from abroad, please pay in time.

Local payment

The KID number is important if you are paying via your Norwegian bank account. The payment takes 2-3 days to be registered in the Studentweb.


Accessing Studentweb

Visit Studentweb and use your UiT ID number/Pin Code (which will be sent by email to all new students) OR Username/Password (by using Feide Access after activating Student IT account, see menu #1)


Reimbursement of the Semester Fee

If you have paid the semester fee, but you do not wish to study at UiT, you may request reimbursement of your semester fee by
the following deadlines:

  • 1 September for Autumn Semester

  • 1 February for Spring Semester

For reimbursement, please send us your bank transfer receipt with your account number to ssa-system@hjelp.uit.no.


Questions about the semester fee?

Please contact studieinfo@hjelp.uit.no.

Student Web (Studentweb)

With the registration, students declare that they haved enroled to UiT and would like to continue their studies in the following semester. Registration takes place by paying the semester fee (degree-seeking students). Exchange students can rejoice as the semester fee doesn't apply to them.

You can log on StudentWeb through the following methods (choose affiliation: UiT The Arctic University of Norway):

  • By using your UiT ID number + Pin Code (Norwegian ID and PIN)
  • After the activation of Student IT Account: by using your username (abc123) + password (Log on using Feide)

Don't miss the registration deadlines!

  • 1 September for autumn semester

  • 2 February for spring semester

Deadlines for withdrawal from exams:

  • 14 days before exam.

Non-Exchange Students: Master, Bachelor & One-Year Programmes

You can register for examinations and classes only after you have paid your semester fee (please see menu #2) via the StudentWeb.

After logging on StudenWeb, you are asked to complete an electronic Individual Education Plan. This serves as semester registration and sign-up for examinations. The same procedure is required for withdrawing from examinations.

NB! Make sure to confirm your Individual Education Plan upon registration and to register your contact address correctly at the start of each semester.


Would you like advice about the Student Web? Do you have any questions about your programme of study or educational plan?

Your programme coordinator or the Student Information Desk will help to set up your Individual Education Plan.


    Canvas is a web-based learning environment so that students can access the site from any computer that has internet access. It is also a platform that teachers can use to send notes, homework, presentations, guidance, etc. to whole classes.

    To access Canvas, you must have activated your Student IT account (see menu #1) and registered for the semester via the Student Web.


    NB! Please download the Canvas Student iOS and Canvas Student Android on your mobile phone.

    Changing the language preference in Canvas

    You can select a preferred language (English) in your user settings, which will override the account default in Norwegian ("Norsk bokmål") language.

    1. In Account Navigation Bar ("Konto" in Norwegian), click the Settings link ("Innstillinger" in Norwegian).
    2. Click "Rediger innstillinger" on the right side of the page on Canvas
    3. Select Language ("Språk" in Norwegian) in the Settings tab for your name ("Innstillinger for + your full name"), click the Default Language drop-down menu to choose English
    4. Update Settings ("Oppdater Innstillinger" in Norwegian) by clicking the "Oppdater Innstillinger" button.



    For questions concerning course registration on Canvas, please contact the Student Information Desk studieinfo@hjelp.uit.no
    For technical inquries concerning access/logging to Canvas, please contact orakel@uit.no

My Page for students

Sign in with your username and password to view your lecture schedule, courses, syllabus and access applications for enrolled students.

My Page for students



For questions concerning My Page for students, please contact the Student Information Desk studieinfo@hjelp.uit.no
For technical inquries concerning access/logging to My Page, please contact orakel@uit.no

Course timetable

Check the online timetable and room booking system to find your classes. Information about where to find your classes can also be found by checking the course schedule for your chosen courses in the UiT study catalogue.

Timetable (course schedules)

Course syllabus

You can search our database for course syllabi. The following provides link to reading materials, borrowing course literature and how to buy course materials on the Web.

Course syllabus



Do you have any questions about your course Timetable or Syllabus?

Your programme coordinator or the Student Information Desk will help to set up your Individual Education Plan.



Do you have any questions about your course Timetable or Syllabus?

Please contact  the course coordinator at the faculty: Courses coordinators at the faculties

Bachelor's / Master's / One-year programme students: How to make changes your educational plan

Any changes to your educational plan must be approved by the programme / degree coordinator at the faculty and must be within semester registration deadlines. Please find your programme in the Study Catalogue. Click on the programme and you will find the name of your coordinator(s) on the right side of the programme's webpage in the Study Catalogue:

Programme Coordinators (Study Catalogue)

Please note that you can reconfirm or change your Individual Education Plan at the start of each semester. You must also document satisfactory progress in your studies (30 Study Point each semester) in order to continue to maintain/renew your student residency card and to work part-time .

Inbound exchange Students: How to make changes to your Learning Agreement

Please note that you are only given permission to register for the courses stated in your Learning Agreement. All changes to your original Learning Agreement have to be approved by your home university and UiT.

Exchange students who intend to change courses need to fill out the form "Changes to Learning Agreement", see the link below for detailed instructions.

How to make changes to Learning Agreement?

Programme ccordinators and Exchange course advisers

We have experienced and dedicated teams of programme and exchange advisers that are happy to assist you with questions pertaining to:

  • Syllabus & Learning Agreement (English-taught courses for exchange students)
  • Programme description and structure (English-taught programmes of study)
  • Study Progression Report for the renewal of Student Visa

Find your Programme coordinator (click on your programme in the catalogue to find your adviser's name below the "CONTACT" box)

Find your Exchange course adviser(s)

Studying with disability

Students with a disability and special needs are entitled to adaptation of their daily student life and examination to ensure equal learning and educational opportunities. This right applies to adaptation that does not involve a disproportionate burden for the higher education institution. In such assessments, special attention must be paid to how effective the adaptation is in removing the barriers for these students, the costs of the adaptation and the institution’s resources. Adaptations shall not lead to a reduction of the academic requirements that apply for the relevant education.

Do you have any questions about individual adaptation of your daily student life, examinations or classes?

Please contact the responsible person at the faculty: studying with disability


    UiT offers a variety of courses in Norwegian language and literature on basic, intermediate and advanced level.These courses are available only on the following campuses.

    UiT in Tromsø

    Norwegian language courses

Borrowing books from the library

In order to borrow documents, you need a library card at the University Library of Tromsø. Your student ID card doubles as a library card. You may also use a Norwegian national library card.

See our introduction video on library services.

University Library

mandatory course on INFORMATION LITERACY

Norwegian universities are very strict about plagiarism. Consequently, during our orientation week all new students are required to attend a lecture about infomation literacy and plagiarism. We also recommend you to complete the UiT developed Massive Open Online Coures on information literacy where you can study at your own pace:

Information literacy & IKomp MOOC Courses

Registration with the police

The Norwegian Directorate of Norwegian Immigration (UDI) requires that that you either apply for a Study Permit (Non-EU) or register with the Police if you are staying more than three months in Norway (EU/EEA/Swiss citizens).

Registration with the police (after arrival)


Student deposit

To access your money in the deposit account while waiting for your Norwegian Identity Number to open your own Norwegian bank account, you may receive a Danske Bank Prepaid Card at The Arctic Student Welfare Organization of Norway to withdraw money from your deposit. You may purchase a Prepaid Card, which is a one-time fee. It can be used (at no cost) in any store, at ATMs machines and terminals labelled Bank Axept. The Arctic Student Welfare Organization of Norway does not take cash or cheques. More information about this will be provided after arrival.

For inquiries send an email to deposit@samskipnaden.no or visit the nearest office of the Arctic Student Welfare Organization of Norway (samskipnaden) on your campus.

Accessing your student deposit (after arrival)


Part-time work, renewal of Study Permit & Progress Report

Part-time work, Renewal of Study Permit & Progress Report


Norwegian Identification Number - non-EU/Swiss students

Please notify the Student Information Desk ( studieinfo@hjelp.uit.no) as soon as you have received your National Norwegian ID number from the Norwegian Population Registry or the Tax Office. NB please make sure to attach the official letter that you have received from the Population Registry to your email to the Student Information Desk

From admission to arrival

The following link provides information about practical steps you need to undertake in the process of becoming a member of our learning and social community at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. Don’t worry — the process is simple: just take a few minutes to carefully review all of the information, which is intended to make your transition to UiT as smooth as possible.

practical matters: student visa, accommodation, insurance, orientation programme, etc.

Student Portal

Student portal