Highlights 2021 from the Botanic garden

Don't miss these flowering plants this week at Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden. We have lots of space, free entrance, and open 24/7. Welcome!

Highlights 2021-1, June 3    

Trom Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden 


1.   A large, cushion-forming, New Zealand forget-me-not! A rare long-distance dispersal of most probably a blue plant brought a seed there more than 2 mill. years ago and has since developed into c. 45 species. However, as there were no large, flying insects capable of seeing blue, this colour was lost, and present-day species are white or yellow. Myosotis retrorsa near our Bjørn Thon Rock Table was described in 2018.

2.   ‘Pink Alaskan poppy’ (Papaver roseoalbum) described from Alaska and adjacent Canada as late as in 2019. Grows a bit S of the Bjørn Thon Table, but is also in our self-service sale boxes, produced like almost all others sold at present – by Bjørn Thon.

3.    The garden auriculas! Still in full flower in the collection of old North Norwegian garden plants, whereas the wild auriculas are beyond their peak in our Primula and Alps collections.

4.    Dark blue, bell-shaped alpine gentians (Gentiana acaulis) in the Gentian collection where they replace the flowering of the even more intensely blue spring gentians (the G. verna group).

5.    In our Meconopsis slope you will now only see the yellow Meconopsis integrifolia ssp. souliei in flower, but just above the path is our first-flowering Schizocodon soldanelloides. In only grows in Japan where it is called iwakagami. The petals are divided like in Soldanella, but the plant is instead in the Diapensia family.   

6.     Rhododendron! Very nice flowering this year, e. g. of the yellow R. wardii, which is already more than 2 m tall in a private Tromsø garden.


Text and photo: Arve Elvebakk, The Arctic University Museum of Norway

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