Highlights 2022 from the Botanic Garden

Don't miss these flowering plants this week at Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden. We have lots of space, free entrance, and open 24/7. Welcome!

Highlights 2022-3, 16 June →   

Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden –


1.     Anemonastrum fasciculatum, a relative of the narcissus anemone from Caucasus. Photographed in our  Buttercup family collection where several related species flower now.


2.    However, the major attraction now might be the Rhododendron collection. We hold more than 100 species and have just moved some tall, spectacular, 30 year-old plants from a nearby garden in Tromsdalen into a new hill. They are a donation by Astrid Nilsen and her husband Dagfinn Brønnlund Nilsen, a rhododendron enthusiast who regrettably passed away last winter.

3.     A large, cushion-forming, New Zealand forget-me-not! A rare long-distance dispersal of most probably a blue plant brought a seed there more than 2 mill. years ago and has since developed into c. 45 species. However, as there were no large, flying insects capable of seeing blue, this colour was lost, and present-day species are white or yellow. Myosotis retrorsa near our Bjørn Thon Rock Table was described in 2018. There you can also see the large buttercup Ranunculus insigne and the prostrate Hebe buchananii.

4.    Dark blue, bell-shaped alpine gentians (Gentiana acaulis) in the Gentian collection where they replace the flowering of the even more intensely blue spring gentians (the G. verna group).

5.    In our Meconopsis slope you will now see the yellow M. integrifolia ssp. souliei in flower, and the large, blue ones just started to flower, earlier than normal this year.

6.         In our South America four Patagonian wood sorrels (Oxalis spp.) flower now, although only open during sunshine. In the valley, the amazing Darwin’s slipper plant (Calceolaria uniflora) has started to flower.