Highlights from the Botanic Garden

Don't miss these flowering plants this week at Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden. We have lots of space, free entrance, and open 24/7. Welcome!

*Highlights* 2022-7, 25 July →

in Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden –


1.    The world’s largest gentian collection, now dominated by the Caucasian Gentiana hexaphylla, and the more modest ‘gentian sisters’, Swertia, on the northern side. The latter have saucer-shaped nectaria full of nectar and are extremely popular with wasps and bumble-bees, here in S. kingii.


2.   Tall perennials throughout the Garden! Larkspurs (Delphinium), and monkshoods (Aconitum) grow as numerous species, and in the buttercup collection they are more than 3 m tall thanks to cow dung and form an impressive tunnel-like passage.

3.   The tall perennials in the collection of old garden plants from North Norway, with the strange umbelifer great masterwort (Astrantia major), also in a large group in our Alps, in addition to very tall meadow-sweets (Filipendula), and many more.

4.   Near the entrance to our saxifrage collection: Micranthes mandchuriensis (previously in Saxifraga), a genus difficult to cultivate under warmer climates.

5.    Saxifraga imparilis. Just behind the latter, from the East Asian group Irregulares, where 1–2 petals are much larger than the others. Previously not grown here, but now self-seeding.

6.   Calceolaria mexicana. An annual Mexican plant with citric-yellow flowers planted near the lower entrance of our South America.


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