Join our activities this summer!

Summer has arrived, and we are happy to welcome you to a season full of lively activities and extended opening hours at MS Polstjerna, the Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden, the Polar Museum, and the Arctic University Museum of Norway. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can look forward to. 

The Arctic University Museum of Norway 

Travel through time at the museum on Sør-Tromsøya, showcasing Northern Norwegian history and nature. With ten diverse exhibitions, including “Rávdnji – Sami Traces in the Tromsø Area” opening on June 13, there is something for everyone. Join our guided tours on Sami culture every Wednesday at 1 PM, held in English. Enjoy various drop-in activities and visit the Nordstjerna Museum Café, opening on June 21, for a range of delicious meals and treats. 

Opening Hours (June 15 - August 15):   

Monday - Friday: 10 AM to 6 PM   

Saturday - Sunday: 11 AM to 5 PM  

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Museum garden
Learn more about the rich nature and culture of Northern Norway at The Arctic University Museum of Norway Foto: Adnan Icagic

The Polar Museum 

Delve into the adventurous history of Arctic trappers and explorers from the 1600s to the present at the Polar Museum. Our permanent exhibitions cover Arctic and overwintering hunting, Norwegian polar expeditions, and Svalbard’s cultural history. 

Opening Hours (June 1 - August 15):   

Open daily from 9 AM to 5 PM. 

More information about the Polar Museum 

Museum exhibition
Join our guided tours and learn more about the rich polar history of Tromsø at the Polar Museum Photo: Marius Fiskum

Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden 

Immerse yourself in the world's northernmost botanical garden, where life thrives around the clock during the summer months. Visit Café Hansine Hansen for a selection of coffee, waffles, ice cream, and more. 

Opening Hours:   

You can visit the garden around the clock. Gardeners will be working in the garden between 9 AM and 3 AM.  

Café Hansine Hansen is open June 1st - August 15th:

  • Monday-Friday 11:30 AM to 15:00 PM (self-served)
  • Saturday-Sunday 11:30 AM to 15:30 PM

We serve coffee/tea, waffles, ice cream and more. When the café is self-served the selection of items might vary.

More information about the Botanical gardens

Kaukasus-skabiosa Flower
See the toughest plants from the coolest places on earth in our botanical garden Foto: Tomasz A Wacko

MS Polstjerna 

Step aboard the historic sealing vessel MS Polstjerna, built in 1949 and active for 33 hunting seasons. The vessel is located in a glass house near Polaria in downtown Tromsø. During the summer months you can step onboard and explore its authentic interior. Don’t miss the SNOWHOW exhibition beneath the ship, showcasing Norwegian polar expertise derived from Arctic indigenous knowledge and the Northern Norwegian Arctic environment. 

Opening Hours (June 1 - August 15)  

Open daily from 11 AM to 5 PM.   

Sealing vessel
Try your hand at being the captain at an authentic sealing vessel Foto: David Jensen