Sami culture

Permanent exhibition

Learn about the indigenous Sami people, their traditional culture and recent history in our exhibition "The Sami Culture".


In two comprehensive exhibitions, Tromsø Museum show how the Sami people have mastered the art of surviving in the cold conditions of Northern Norway and established themselves as an indigenous people in modern-day Scandinavia.

This exhibition presents the traditional life of the Sami people.

Starting with the hunting community around 200AD, the exhibition shows the transition to a nomadic way of life. The reindeer herding, the migration routes and the dwellings are presented, as well as a multitude of Sami clothing and crafts.

Ancient Sami mythology, with shamans and their magic drums can be seen, and you may listen to samples of traditional Sami joik. Once a magic chanting, joik is today widely popular as ethnical music.

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