Permanent exhibition

Find out about Arctic wildlife and how human interaction changes Nature. Our largest indoor exhibition, UNnaturally,  focuses on natural and man-made changes in Nature.


 A sheep trying to escape a lynx.                                 Photo: Adnan Icagic.

After being greeted by our old sibling, the Homo erectus, you can compare natural and artificial selection, meeting the ancestor of all dogs, for instance. Compare bird and human behaviour in terms of finding a partner, and look into seasonal changes among migratory bird populations.

It’s hard to miss the nine metres long whale skeleton that makes up the centrepiece of the exhibition, take your time to enjoy the special lighting with ever-changing colours which almost makes the skeleton come to life.

Beyond the skeleton, the exhibition raises many questions about how humans are responsible for changes in Nature, some quick, other slow, but in the end effecting not only plants and animals, but also mankind.

The exhibition includes many marvels for children, as well as a play&learn-area. All texts are found in English as well as Norwegian.

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