Shapes of the Past

Touring exhibition

Smart shapes and elegant design as found in Stone Age tools

Get a close-up look at the sharpest edges of the Stone Age! This photo exhibition shows you spearheads and arrowheads, knives and other tools from the Stone Age in the North. The photographs empahasise the shapes and design of these weapons and tools. Here are knives very carefully crafted to resemble shapes of animals, or arrowheads and amber beads displaying elegant lines and curves, proving the high skills of their makers.  


The photographed finds are from Melkøya island by Hammerfest in Finnmark, and originates from settlements through eight millennia, from 9,000 to 1,000 BC.


Magnified to a giant scale, these photos makes every detail and characteristic of the objects appear clearly visible.

The photographer is Adnan Icagic of Tromsø University Museum.

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