Sápmi - becoming a nation

Permanent exhibition

After having seen the old Sami culture, take a look at the Samis of the 20th century. Long oppressed by Norwegian authorities, the Sami started to organize to gain influence on their own society.


This exhibition tells the story of how the Samis raised from an ignored minority to a self-conscious indigenous people with their own cultural institutions and a Sami parliament.

Here you can get to know the Sami people of today face to face through interactive video interviews.

All texts are found in English as well as Norwegian.

In addition to our exhibitions, we offer literature and a website in English for those who are keen to learn more about the Sami. Visit the website by clicking here.


Photo: A wrecked road sign in the exhibition. Why do some Sami not want to be Sami?  Photo: Mari Karlstad (c) Tromsø University Museum

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