Unruly heritage

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This exhibition invites to a new way of thinking about cultural heritage, waste, beauty and ugliness.

Most often, we associate ‘cultural heritage’ with old and precious items like stave churches, grave mounds and Viking boats. Yet in our surroundings, we increasingly find other and far more problematic remains, like islets of garbage in the sea, closed-down factories, abandoned buildings and harmful toxins. Where is the borderline between trash and cultural heritage? Can we at all limit the label “heritage” to only what we would like to preserve?

The touring exhibition ‘Unruly heritage’ tells the story of six locations in the North, in Norway, Russia and Iceland, visited by researchers examining modern ruins and ocean waste. Through objects, photos, videos and short texts the exhibition poses important questions about our perception of ‘cultural heritage’.

The exhibition is based on a scientific project run by Bjørnar Olsen and Þóra Pétursdóttir, both archaeologists on contemporary material at the UiT Arctic University of Norway, and designed by architect and artist Joar Nango.

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