Who Are You In A World On Fire?

Temporary exhibition

Would you be willing to you put yourself and your loved ones in danger to fight for your country? In a time where there is little of everything, what are you willing let pass to have bread and water on the table? Who do you trust when the world around you is on fire?

The impact of World War II on Northern Norway was extensive and brutal, encompassing the entire society. It was a total war, where laws of war were often disregarded, resulting in widespread destruction of infrastructure, buildings, and loss of lives. Those caught up in the war were faced with difficult and nearly impossible dilemmas. Some took great risks to fight for their country, while others entered into cooperative relationships with the occupying forces. The war had a profound effect on the entire nation.

This exhibition offers a glimpse into the lives of six individuals at a pivotal moment when they had to make life-altering choices. By focusing on their personal stories—their everyday experiences, family dynamics, and the lives they led—we gain insight into the larger narrative. Spanning from Berlevåg in the north to Rana in the south, the exhibition explores themes such as partisan resistance, forced evacuations, the deportation of individuals with Jewish backgrounds, the Allied attack on Bjerkvik, the Sami border pilots, and the involvement of Norwegian companies in constructing German infrastructure and prisoner of war camps.

Moreover, the exhibition aims to establish connections to the present day. Its design encourages visitors to engage their senses, enabling them to see, hear, and even smell as they acquaint themselves with the exhibition's central characters: Dagny, Ragnar, Rebekka, Johan, Anna, and Hermann.


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