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The Faculty of Engineering Science and technology will be an impetus for the development of industrial, commercial and public sector - especially in The High North.

The faculty has outstanding professional oriented education at all levels (bachelor, master and Ph.D.). The Faculty stands foremost in the development of new teaching methods and pedagogy. This helps to ensure a high quality of education and candidate production of an effective multi-campus organization.

Our programs are research-based and inter-related activities with the participation of international, national and regional venues for the dissemination of research and project development.

Our research focuses on innovation in engineering and technology. The aim is to develop new knowledge and new products, services and jobs.

Employees at Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology:

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Top-up financing for outgoing MSCA fellows Are you planning to submit a proposal for Marie Sklodowska-Curie for an Individual Fellowship abroad? Remember that you are eligible for top-up financing from The Norwegian Research Council.
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H2020 and the Nagoya Protocol - New Developments on Participant Portal On 4 August 2017, a new release of the Participant Portal Grant Management Service (PPGMS) has implemented the Nagoya Protocol for on-going and future Horizon 2020 projects. Practical guidance for recipients of EU research funding has been made available on the Participant Portal under the Ethics section of the H2020 Online Manual. It helps researchers decide if their projects have obligations under the EU Regulation on Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) and, if so, how to comply with them.The European Commission will also inform individually all coordinators of on-going grants about the details of this IT implementation and the possible obligations under the EU ABS Regulation.
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