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Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology

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The Faculty of Engineering Science and technology will be an impetus for the development of industrial, commercial and public sector - especially in The High North.

The faculty has outstanding professional oriented education at all levels (bachelor, master and Ph.D.). The Faculty stands foremost in the development of new teaching methods and pedagogy. This helps to ensure a high quality of education and candidate production of an effective multi-campus organization.

Our programs are research-based and inter-related activities with the participation of international, national and regional venues for the dissemination of research and project development.

Our research focuses on innovation in engineering and technology. The aim is to develop new knowledge and new products, services and jobs.

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International workshop on technologies for sustainable development

5. juni     00:00     IVT     Narvik    

Workshop om fangst og lagring av karbon / Workshop about capture and storage of carbon

5. juni     09:00     Digital    

2023 Workshop on Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Power Electronics

19. juni     00:00     Campus Narvik     Narvik    

Studiestart Campus Narvik

14. august     09:00     Campus Narvik     Narvik    


25. oktober     10:00     Glassgata     Narvik