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Welcome to the world´s northernmost geology department. With focus on the northern regions and the Arctic, our main activities are research, education and communication of research to the public. 

The activities are centered in the following research groups:
1) Polar Marine Geology and Geophysics 
2) Solid Earth Science
3) Coastal and Terrestrial Geosciences 

The geosciences department has several large research projects financed by The Research Council of Norway, EU and Norwegian oil companies. We partner in a Center of Excellence; CAGE (Centre for Arctic Gas Hydrate, Environment and Climate), which conducts world leading research on gas hydrates and how methane release affects the sea enviorment and the climate. ARCEx - Research Centre for Arctic Petroleum Exploration is a research  and competence center for petroleum activities in the northern regions and the Arctic.

The department offers education at the bachelor-, masters- and PhD-levels.  We educate future geologists and geophysicists.

Our graduates go on to work in the oil industry, food companies, consulting companies, public offices within road construcion and infrastructure, geohazards, research, teaching and many other private companies.

Employees at Department of Geosciences:

Latest news

Deglaciation Svalbard_Mortensen.jpg
Deglaciation of the northern Svalbard margin Oscar Fransner has studied the role of different glacial / non-glacial sedimentary processes in shaping the glaciated continental margin of the northern Barents Sea. 
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Andrea Schneider400.jpg
Time travel through methane seeps, using tiny time capsules 24.000 years ago, the greenhouse gas methane started seeping from the Arctic Ocean floor northwest of Svalbard. And it is seeping still. New PhD thesis from CAGE sheds light on this event using minuscule time capsules.
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