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ISSHP Euroepan Congress 2013, Tromsø

Basnet, Purusotam
Published: 10.01.13 00:00 Updated: 28.01.13 22:11

Dear Collegues,

The organizing committee and I personally have a great pleasure to invite you to the next European ISSHP Congress which will be held in Tromsø on 12 - 14 June 2013 under the midnight sun.

Tromsø is exotic in summer with 24 hours sunshine, beautiful mountains & fjords. It has been a gateway to Polar expeditions and is an extremely popular destination. Despite its location in the high arctic North, it is easily assessable from most European countries.

All Scandinavian countries including Norway have a great tradition of research in hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and Tromsø's Northernmost university in the world has not been an exception. I am confident that in Tromsø  you will find a fantastic forum to present your newest research and share your scientific knowledge and clinical experience with others.

We hope to put together an attractive program that will encourge interaction between the young clinicians/researchers and the more accomplished ones. In addition to the scientific interaction we hope you will be able to participate in the social program and enjoy the beautiful sceneries of Tromsø.

I look forward to welcoming you in Tromsø

Ganesh Acharya, MD, PhD, FRCOG
Chairman of the organizing committee

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