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Antecedents and outcomes of exporter – importer relationship quality : An exporting developing country’s context
This study explores the factors that are essential for a strong export-import relationship and sheds lights on the consequences for such relationships.

MSc in Fisheries and Aquaculture Management and Economics A. F. M. Jalal Ahamed ved HHT holdt prøveforelesning  og forsvarte sin avhandling  for graden Philosophiae doctor (ph.d.) i samfunnsvitenskap i offentlig disputas fredag 13. november.
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EU and Brazil Strengthen Cooperation on Biofuels and Marine Research
The European Commission and the Brazilian government have decided to strengthen mutual research cooperation in the area of ocean observation and biofuels. 
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Latest Ph.D's
22 Sep 2017 - Stenvold, Tine Degerstrøm
The impact of audit oversight in Norway: International collaboration and audit quality. Read more
15 Sep 2017 - Berg-Nordlie, Mikkel
Fighting to be Heard – in Russia and in Sápmi. Russian Sámi representation in Russian and pan-Sámi politics, 1992 -2014. Read more
08 Sep 2017 - Larsen, Lill Sissel Sverresdatter
Speaking in behalf of the person with dementia in home-based care. A qualitative study of collaboration between formal and family caregivers in Sami and Norwegian municipalities.. Read more

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