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Our goal is to advance the research and teaching of computer science as a discipline, to demonstrate leadership within our areas of interest, and to contribute to society through our education, research and dissemination.

Computer systems research represents our primary area of expertise and we cooperate extensively with external partners in academia and industry. We typically evaluate our research ideas in multiple application domains, and our results are always supported by thorough experiments.

The Department offers programmes at all levels from introductory to doctorate. The programmes cover a spectrum of subjects in key areas within the discipline. Within our close-knit academic milieu there is no great distance between student and teacher. Individual supervision is available and there are many fine opportunities for the individual student to achieve their goals. With access to high academic competence and modern equipment you as the student will obtain an education that is both relevant to modern society and attractive to the business community.

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Introduction to cloud computing and the Azure Datalake - Two guest lectures by Tor Kreutzer and Jan-Ove Karlberg, Microsoft Tor Kreutzer is a software engineer at Microsoft. He completed his M.S in computer science in 2012, and started working for Microsoft in 2013. Tor has since worked directly with many of Microsofts cloud environments, including SharePoint, O365 and Azure. Tor lives and works i Tromsø.
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