Research – Department of Computer Science

Research – Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science has several major research projects funded by the Norwegian Research Council. The Department participates in two Center for Research-based Innovation (CRI).

Research activity at the department is directed primarily towards system aspects of distributed and parallel systems and applications. The focus is on development, application and experimental testing of models, architectures and mechanisms for distributed and parallel applications. Scaling, performance, large-scale data sets, heterogeneity and autonomy are examples of research areas.

Application areas include high-performance metrics, visualization, tools for genomics, search and filtering information, and telemedicine. The platforms include clusters, grids, display walls and mobile systems.

The scientists have strong international ties, collaborating with respected colleagues in the computer science field and spend a sabbatical on international recognized research institutions.

International orientation, collaboration and visibility are the department's priorities.

We have 10 projects at our unit: