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[Blog] Recognizing Recognition: An Indispensable Element in a Global Regime for High Seas Marine Protected Areas

In the latest post on the NCLOS blog, PhD research fellow Baastian E. Klerk comments on recognition of regional and sectoral marine protected areas (MPAs) under the international legally binding instrument (ILBI) on biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction (BBNJ).

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[Blog]: The last drink of the Whisky-War: A commentary on the boundary delimitation agreement on disputed areas between Canada and Denmark (Greenland)

In the most recent post on the NCLOS blog, Associate Professor Signe Veierud Busch provides a commentary on the need-to-know about the boundary delimitation agreement between Canada and Denmark (Greenland), signed on 14th June 2022.

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[Blog] Can the BBNJ Treaty Support Dynamic Management for Arctic MPAs?

In the most recent post on the NCLOS blog, Andrea M. Fisher highlights one novel approach to area-based management called Dynamic Ocean Management, and its potential for conserving biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction.

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Alexander Lott awarded with the Estonian Young Scientist Award!

Lott is currently researching hybrid naval warfare as a postdoc at the Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea.

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Vacant position as an associate professor!

The deadline for applications is 23rd of May.

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[Tavla] Call for papers!

The Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea (NCLOS) is pleased to announce the call for papers for its annual Conference, which will be organized in Tromsø, Norway, November 23-24, 2022. 

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[BLOG] Guidelines for Grey Zone Naval Incidents: Distinguishing between the Rules of Armed Conflict and Law Enforcement

In the most recent post on the NCLOS blog, postdoc Alexander Lott takes a closer look on the distinction between naval warfare and maritime law enforcement. 



New PhD at NCLOS!

We congratulate Kristine Elfrida Dalaker who successfully defended her thesis on 6th of April.



[Tavla] Defense of dissertation - Kristine Elfrida Dalaker

On April 6th the doctoral student will publicly defend her thesis “Robust Institutional Arrangements for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Marine Biodiversity in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction”. She has been given the subject “The Role of the United Nations in the Development of the Law of the Sea.” for her trial lecture. 



[Blog] Maritime Delimitation in the Indian Ocean: Has the ICJ marginalized the geological and geomorphological criteria in favor of a distance related criteria?

In the most recent post on the NCLOS blog, associate professor Signe V. Busch takes a closer look at whether the ICJ Somalia v. Kenya judgment is in accordance with previous judicial practice when dealing with the outer continental shelf delimitation.



Can we make food for a growing global population in a sustainable way?

Perhaps the answer lies in the use of marine resources from lower trophic levels. Mathilde Morel who is a PhD research fellow at the Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea is writing her dissertation on the subject.

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Research on hybrid naval warfare receives funding from the Marie Curie scholarship!

We had a chat with the mastermind behind the project, postdoc Alexander Lott.



Russia’s Blockade in the Sea of Azov: A Call for Relief Shipments for Mariupol [Link to EJIL:Talk!]

Alexander Lott, postdoc at NCLOS has written about Russia's Blockade in the Sea of Azov for the Blog of the European Journal of International Law.


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Do Environmental Principles have a Legally Binding Substance, or is it merely Soft Law?

Bjørn Bakke, PhD-student at NCLOS is writing a thesis about environmental principles in the Norwegian Marine Resources Act.



Splashing down the International Space Station in the Pacific Ocean?

Vito De Lucia, professor at the Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea has written a post on EJIL:Talk! - Blog of the European Journal of International Law on this topic.

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Professor Ingrid Ulrikke Jakobsen is the new director of the Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea

We met the new director to learn more about her and her vision for NCLOS.

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Experience based master in Ocean Leadership

In collaboration with the Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics and the Faculty of Science and Technology, the Faculty of Law is offering an experience based master in Ocean Leadership. The program is aimed at professionals in marine or maritime sectors wanting to advance the blue/green shift towards a sustainable future. The transdisciplinary program provides an understanding of the complex landscape of ocean challenges and builds the knowledge, skills, and capacity necessary to lead sustainable integrative solutions.

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New book about the legal regime in areas beyond national jurisdiction!

A new anthology provides reflections on Justice, Space, Knowledge and Power in ABNJ.



Ocean connectivity in the latest volume of the Arctic Review!

Gathering the expertise of thirteen authors from the Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea and the Faculty of Law at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, this special series of articles for Arctic Review guest-edited by Elise Johansen and Margherita Paola Poto, explores the theme of ocean connectivity as a response to the epistemic, environmental and geopolitical challenges regarding our oceans. The concept embraces different visions that include bio-centric elements, Indigenous cosmovisions, and anthropocentric connectivity. Enjoy the reading!

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New PhD at NCLOS - Linda Finska

On September 3 Linda Finska succesfully defended her PhD-thesis.

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New PhD at NCLOS - Lena Schøning

On August 27th Lena Schøning successfully defended her PhD-thesis.

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New PhD at NCLOS - Hilde Woker

Hilde Woker succesfully defended her thesis «The Law-Science Interface within the Law of the Sea. A Case study of the Continental Shelf» on the 4th of june.

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Our latest digital lecture is available on the NCLOS youtube channel!

In the latest lecture, Henry Jones, associate professor at Durham Law School, University of Durham takes the North Sea Continental Shelf case as a historical case study for how international law produces space in particular ways.

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Three new Professors at NCLOS

Irene V. Dahl, Elise Johansen, and Vito De Lucia have been granted full professorships. The three new Professors are all affiliated with the Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea (NCLOS).



NCLOS has been granted funding for a UiT Aurora Centre!

We are happy to announce that NCLOS has been granted funding for a UiT Aurora Centre!



Celebrating the first ten years of the Arctic Review on Law and Politics!

The Arctic Review on Law and Politics is celebrating its first ten years with the anniversary volume “Ten Years of Law and Politics from an Arctic Perspective”. Several researchers from the Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea (NCLOS) have contributed to the issue.

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Digital Lecture: “Situating Contingency in the Path of International Law”

The latest session in the Digital Lecture Series is available on our Youtube channel. In this session Ingo Venzke, professor at the University of Amsterdam lectures on contingency in International Law.



The Centre for the Law of the Sea at UiT lives on

September 1, 2019 marked the six-year anniversary of the 36 million NOK donation by the K.G. Jebsen Foundation that created the K.G. Jebsen Centre for the Law of the Sea at UiT. That funding period has come to an end, but the centre will continue as The Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea, at UiT. 


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In the Arctic with project on The Galapagos Islands

When Vanessa Arellano Rodriguez from Ecuador was granted a United Nations scholarship in Law for a project on protection of the Galapagos Island, her first preference was to come to UiT. – The Arctic and the Galapagos have many things in common, says Arellano.


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New Joint Nordic Master Program in Environmental Law

The need for expertise in Environmental Law is increasing. Starting the autumn of 2019, the Faculty of Law at UiT, is proud to offer international students a brand new and exciting master program in Environmental Law, in collaboration with the University of Uppsala and the University of Eastern Finland.



Hosted the most important conference in the world on Polar Law

Climate change, indigenous peoples rights and Polar bear protection. These issues – and many more - were on the agenda when the 11th Polar Law Symposium took place at The Faculty of Law /JCLOS. – The level of legal scholarship is extremely high at UiT and JCLOS, says the initiators of the symposium.



JCLOS and FNI organize side event to the first UN negotiating session towards a new agreement on marine biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction"

September 12, JCLOS and Fridtjof Nansen Institute (FNI) will organize a Side Event to the 1st session of the BBNJ negotiation in the UN General Assembly, to discuss implications of a future BBNJ agreement for Arctic Biodiversity Governance.



Report from JCLOS' side event to the first UN negotiating session towards a new agreement on marine biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction

Read the report of Postdoctor Fellow, Vito De Lucia, who chaired the Side Event.



Workshop of Indigenous Law and Methodology

During the first week of July, JCLOS postdoctoral fellow Dr. Margherita Paolo Poto organized and led a workshop in Indigenous Law and Methodology. The project was hosted and funded by the prestigious Norwegian Centre for Advanced Study, and took place at the beautiful Holmen Fjordhotell in Oslo.

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Could the Indigenous Peoples save the Seas?

In the past week, researchers from all over the world have gathered at the Arctic University of Norway, to discuss Indigenous Peoples’ rights to Marine Areas.



Book launch at the Peace Palace

The new book "Maritime Boundary Delimitation: The Case Law. Is It Consistent and Predictable?" edited by Alex Oude Elferink, Signe Busch and Tore Henriksen of the K.G. Jebsen Centre for the Law of the Sea was launched at the Peace Palace in The Hague.

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Wants to map the Arctic Ocean through different lenses

Her name means "luck", and she feels fortunate to have spent her time as a Fulbright scholar at UiT in Tromsø. At the end of her stay, Onni Irish invites to an interdisciplinary workshop for 5 June that will examine the different ways the Arctic Ocean can be mapped.


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Law as a tool in limiting climate change

The climate is changing. But do we have the legal remedies in place to meet these changes? And how can we, through law, restrict and adapt to climate change?

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SOS from the Arctic!

What if a ship loaded with toxic chemicals founders in the Arctic during the dark months of the polar night? What will become of the crew? And what about the toxic cargo and the fuel that will soon sink through the icy water? How will they affect slumbering ecosystems deep in the winter-dark seas? 

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JCLOS co-organized side event to the UN marine biodiversity treaty negotiations in New York

The KG Jebsen Centre for the Law of the Sea (JCLOS) and its consortium partner the Fridtjof Nansen Institute (FNI) jointly organized a side event on Wednesday, 5 April 2017, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York as part of the Third Session of the Preparatory Committee established by United Nations General Assembly Resolution 69/292 for the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction



Interviews with Tore Henriksen and Margherita Poto about their events at the Arctic Frontiers conference next week



New book on aquaculture: How can we secure a sustainable use of our oceans?

New book on Aquaculture Law and Policies. 21 writers from 12 different countries have contributed. 

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Looking forward to share experiences at JCLOS Centre Days

The annual Centre Days at K. G. Jebsen Centre for the Law of the Sea (JCLOS) will be arranged 20. – 23. September.



- More cooperation needed to protect the Arctic

- The Arctic states need to have an efficient collaboration of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) that are connected to each other, in order to protect the vulnerable ecosystems of the Arctic Ocean, says Law of the sea expert from JCLOS in a new book published at Brill.




At UiT with prestigious Marie Curie Scholarship

Claudia Cinelli, at the K.G. Jebsen Centre for the Law of the Sea, came to Norway through a prestigious scholarship: The Marie Curie Scholarshop from the European Union.

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UIT-researcher awarded prestigious international Prize

Vito De Lucia, Research Fellow in Law at the K.G.Jebsen Centre for the Law of the Sea, has been awarded The Richard Macrory Prize for the Best Article in the Journal of Environmental Law.



World leading scientists visits K.G. Jebsen Centre for the Law of the Sea

Some of the most internationally renowned specialists within the Law of the Sea, will visit Tromsø during the Centre days at K.G. Jebsen Centre for the Law of the Sea. The good news is that you can attend their lectures!