SECURE – Novel Marine Resources for Food Security and Food Safety

This interdisciplinary project proposes an innovative approach to enable a significant addition of sustainable marine raw material for a growing population. The project will contribute to various policy dialogues and produce briefs on policy and governance issues. This will lead to a lasting impact on society through the introduction of new species, as well as increased consumer trust and confidence in new species, and seafood in general.

The project's overall objective is to develop knowledge enabling sustainable food security and safety by a multidisciplinary approach based on novel marine low trophic level resources, cardiometabolic health and legal

In SECURE several interdisciplinary work packages (WP) will conduct research on the legal framework regarding the harvesting of new species, the composition of nutrients and contaminants in these raw materials, their effects on the oral and gut microbiome, on cardiometabolic diseases and atherosclerosis and the link between gut microbiota and atherosclerosis. PET imaging will provide an important novel non-invasive tool to study the development of atherosclerotic plaque and enhance the accuracy of atherosclerotic lesion characterization.

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