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Faculty of Law


The Faculty of Law at UiT will, through research, education and dissemination, be a visible and key contributor in the advancement of the rule of law and legal competence in society. The faculty is one of three faculties in Norway offering a 5-year integrated master's programme in law.

The faculty’s research activities are mainly organized in six research groups; Sami- and indigenous peoples law, procedural law and mediation, child law, constitutional law, administrative law, and property law. It is also the home of the Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea (NCLOS), a world leading research environment on the Law of the Sea.

In addition to the 5-year integrated master's programme in law, the faculty offers Master of Laws (LL.M) in Law of the Sea, a Joint Nordic Master Programme in Environmental Law (NOMPEL), and a PhD programme in law.

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Gjesteforelesning med Magdalena Knapp: EU-law regulating food chains and food security

24. september     12:15     UB Aud 132     Tromsø    

Trening i arbeidstida: Bli sprek og glad sammen med gode kollegaer TIRSDAG 28.09.21 kl 15:15

28. september     15:15     MH bygget, gymsalen plan 8     Tromsø