A new research network on knowledge co-creation

In collaboration with the University of Bayreuth (Eva Lohse) and with partners from Italy and Kenya, ECOCARE is developing a new research network, called Coproknet. The aim is to develop innovative research and methods based on knowledge co-production. The logo is in progress and currently, it depicts our Mole (with great vision), the Spider, and a Bee. 



The results of workshop and network establishment are now published on Septentrio UiT:

 Hayden, Lohse, Porrone, Poto, Strategic Scientific Workshop “Co-production of knowledge in climate governance”


Illustration's credits:

The illustration is a co-created work between Valentina Russo, aka Mucho Amor (Instagram: @mucho_amor) and Camilla Neema Haule (Instagram @camillaneema). The image is also part of the logo of Coproknet, the research network coordinated by Eva Lohse and Margherita Paola Poto.

Valentina has drawn:

  1. The mole, representing the land knowledge from all the countries and legal orders involved (from the book: Porrone, Poto, Russo, A Story About knowledge, Aracne, 2021);
  2. The bee, as the representative of a case study “Save the Bee” conducted in Germany by Eva Lohse and her team, as well as the UK team members, coordinated by Kate Blackburn-who compare themselves to caring bees- from the Wiltshire Community;
  3. The multilayered heart, as the symbol of co-created approaches to emotional and ecological education, and the outline of Follow Your Heart logo (from the book Murray, Russo, Poto, Follow Your Heart. The school for multipotentialites, Aracne La Bussola, 2022);
  4. The spider, as the connector of peoples, lands and seas (from the book Porrone, Poto, Russo, A Story About Knowledge. Illustrated Version, Aracne, 2022), representing all the contributions of the book.

Camilla has drawn:

  1. The flowers from Maasai Mara (cynium tubulosum), representative of the Eastern African natural environment;
  2. A fish from the Tarumã, a Chiquitano River of Mato Grosso, Brazil, to represent the Chiquitano indigenous knowledge (from a project cover realized for ECO_CARE by Matheus Goulart, 2021). The fish back is decorated with the Chiquitano feminine body painting, also used to decorate clay pots and crafts. The belly of the fish is decorated with the Chiquitano masculine body painting, also used in braided mats and shoves. Silvano Chue Muquissai granted permission to use the Chiquitano artwork.


Abstract in Portuguese by Cecilia Campos

Uma nova rede de pesquisa sobre cocriação de conhecimento 

Em colaboração com a Universidade de Bayreuth (Eva Lohse) e com parceiros da Itália e do Quênia, a ECO_CARE está desenvolvendo uma nova rede de pesquisa, chamada Coproknet. O objetivo é desenvolver pesquisas e métodos inovadores baseados na coprodução de conhecimento. O logotipo está em andamento e atualmente retrata nossa Toupeira (com ótima visão), a Aranha e uma Abelha.  Os resultados do workshop e do estabelecimento da rede estão agora publicados no Septentrio UiT.