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Welcome to the Systems Epidemiology Research Group at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Department of Community Medicine. Our research aims to advance our understanding of the causes of cancer and other chronic diseases, with a focus on population health and biological processes. We believe that our research is fundamental to minimizing the occurrence and burden of these diseases in the future.

Our research group is focused on the broad field of epidemiology, covering several branches, including population-based epidemiology and omics. Many of our projects study the relationship between lifestyle factors and health outcomes related to cancer incidence and mortality. We are also dedicated to understanding biological processes in the body prior to disease and linking these processes to exposures, such as lifestyle behaviours, and health outcomes. These projects take advantage of blood samples stored in our biobank, and some projects involve tissue samples. By using collected blood samples, we analyze biomarkers such as vitamins and environmental pollutants. An important focus underlying several of our projects is social inequality in health.

Our research group is also involved in international research projects and collaborations, which you can read about in Our Projects below.


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