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Election result: These are now entering the University Board

 The results of the election are now final.

New board members
Jonas, Stein, Rikke Gürgens Gjærum, Gunhild Guttvik, Ketil Zakariassen and Anders Lind. Photo: UiT/ photo collage
Published: 10.06.21 15:06 Updated: 02.08.21 12:31
About UiT

UiT will have a new University Board for the period August 1, 2021 to July 31, 2025. In connection with this, an election has been held for employee representatives, and as of today (June 10) the results are final. Here are the new representatives and deputies:

Three representatives from the group permanent employees in lecture and research positions: 

  • Ketil Zachariassen
  • Jonas Stein
  • Rikke Gürgens Gjærum

First deputy is Rolf Anker Ims, second deputy is Ole-Jakob How and third deputy is Margrethe Esaiassen.

One representative from the group temporary employees in lecture and research positions:

  • Anders T. Hjertø Lind

This group has no candidates as deputies.

One representative from the group technical / administrative staff

  • Gunhild Guttvik

Tone Osnes is deputy representative. 

Changes from 01.10.21

Gunhild Guttvik leaves her job at UiT on 30.09.21. According to the election rules, she will leave the board from the same date. Tone Osnes will be the new board member from the technical/administrative staff, and Aase Tveito will be the new deputy member from the same date.

– I want to thank all the talented candidates who were nominated for this election, and congratulate those who have been elected as members of the University Board. The leadership of UiT looks forward to a good collaboration with elected and external representatives on the new board, says university director Jørgen Fossland.

Slightly higher turnout

The voter turnout this year was 49.31% in the group of permanent employees in lecture and research positions. That is six percentage points more than in 2017.

In the group of technical / administrative employees, the turnout was 39.85%, which is an increase close to 2.5 percentage points from 2017.

In the group of temporary employees in lecture and research positions, the turnout was 18.6%, which is down five percentage points compared with the election four years ago. This was most likely due to the fact that there was only one candidate for the position this time. 

External chairman of the board for the first time

The students have two members on the university board, and on May 20, Maren Irene Gåre Bakkevoll and Ole Andreas Myhrer Smith were elected as their representatives. Karoline Sveen and Petter Nikolai Rønning were chosen as deputies.

The Ministry of Education and Research (KD) appoints four external members to the University Board, including the chairman. It is expected that KD will present their members some time in the month of June.

The new university board meets in a new phase for the university.

On August 1 this year, UiT will move from two-part to a one-part leadership model and this is the first time UiT will have an external board chair and appoint a rector, instead of electing a rector.

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