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UiT has opened admissions for Ukrainian refugees in Norway

UiT has opened its extraordinary admission of Ukrainian refugees in Norway. A large number of master's and bachelor's programs plus Norwegian courses and almost 100 individual courses have now been made available to potential students from the war-torn country.

Lots of people at an open area at UiT Tromsø.
Students at UiT in Tromsø at the start of the fall semester. Photo: Randi Merete Solhaug / UiT
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Eidum, Espen Viklem Kommunikasjonsrådgiver
Published: 15.06.22 14:11 Updated: 15.06.22 14:30
About UiT

UiT has opened up for an extraordinary admission of Ukrainian refugees in Norway in the coming academic year.

 We have responded positively to the inquiry from the ministry and have now made a number of studies available to Ukrainian refugees who want to study at UiT Norway's Arctic University, says director of administration, Jørgen Fossland.

Increased admissions

In early March, the Ministry of Education and Research asked the country's universities and colleges to, among other things, explore the possibility of being able to offer studies to Ukrainian refugees. UiT responded immediately to the inquiry and annouced that it was possible to increase admission to a large number of English-language courses and programs - both at bachelor's and master's level - to accommodate Ukrainian refugees.

An overview of available programs and topics can be found here.

Start-up in August

In the extraordinary admission process that's rolling out now, UiT offers 21 English-language master's programs, 2 English-language bachelor programs, 1-year Norwegian courses and almost 100 individual courses at bachelor and master's level in a number of subject areas. All studies start in August 2022. Elligible applicants are Ukrainian refugees living in Norway. UiT offers study places at the campuses in Tromsø, Narvik, Alta and Harstad. Admission is manual, which means that applicants must contact the admissions office at UiT Norway's Arctic University via to have their application registered.

Eidum, Espen Viklem Kommunikasjonsrådgiver
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