Mathias K. Hauglid

Job description

My PhD project concerns clinical decision support systems based on machine learning (ML), a subset of artificial intelligence (AI). ML-based decision support systems can improve the quality of care and can be used to support decisions concerning diagnoses, treatment recommendations, predictive interventions and allocation of scarce resources. However, machine learning algorithms are known to have biases which can potentially lead to disparate quality of services and unequal treatment between different patient groups. The thesis discusses those challenges in light of EU non-discrimination law, and assesses how the EU's regulation of artificial intelligence can facilitate control with biases in clinical decision support systems. 

  • Hauglid, Mathias K.. Kommentarer til lov om medisinsk utstyr. Karnov lovkommentarer 2022.
  • Hauglid, Mathias. What's that noise? Interpreting algorithmic interpretation of human speech as a legal and ethical challenge. (fulltekst) Schizophrenia Bulletin 2022; Volum tbd.. ISSN 0586-7614.s doi: 10.1093/schbul/sbac008.
  • Hauglid, Mathias. Karnov lovkommentarer, helseforskningsloven kapittel 2, 5, 9 og 10. Karnov lovkommentarer 2021.
  • Hauglid, Mathias. Karnov lovkommentarer, Helsepersonelloven kapittel 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 og 10.. Karnov lovkommentarer 2021.
  • Hauglid, Mathias K.. Algorithmic discrimination in healthcare. Seminar om digital diskriminering 2022-06-23 - 2022-06-23 2022.
  • Hauglid, Mathias K.. Kunstig intelligens i helsehjelpen - den nye risikovurderingen. Taushetsplikten og personvernet i helsesektoren 2022-06-09 - 2022-06-10 2022.
  • Hauglid, Mathias. Risk classification and risk assessment of medical AI devices. Precision Medicine and the proposed EU Regulation of Artificial Intelligence - the AI Act 2022-03-29 - 2023-11-29 2022.
  • Hauglid, Mathias. Innlegg om kunstig intelligens: mens Gram venter på EU. (fulltekst) Dagens næringsliv 2022. ISSN 0803-9372.
  • Hauglid, Mathias. Bias - a conceptual challenge for AI regulation. Meeting on Bias and Automation 2022-02-16 - 2022-02-16 2022.
  • Hauglid, Mathias. Skal vi ha en proaktiv eller reaktiv holdning til kunstig intelligens?. Dagens medisin 2021; Volum 18. ISSN 1501-4290.s 22 - 23.
  • Hauglid, Mathias. Algorithmic Discrimination in Clinical Decision Support Systems. CeBIL seminar 2021-11-04 - 2021-11-04 2021.
  • Hauglid, Mathias. Et felles rammeverk for kunstig intelligens. Innledning til paneldebatt om EU-kommisjonens forslag 21. april 2021.. Midnattssolkonferansen for pasientnær kunstig intelligens 2021-06-15 - 2021-06-16 2021.
  • Hauglid, Mathias. Proposed Requirements for Handling Training Data. The Jon Bing Memorial Seminar 2021. Towards a New Legal Framework for AI in Europe: Assessing the European Commission's Proposed AI Regulation 2021-05-25 - 2021-05-25 2021.
  • Hauglid, Mathias. Innføring av kunstig intelligens som klinisk beslutningsstøtte - en ny rolle for diskrimineringsretten?. VERDI forskerkaffe 2021-03-16 - 2021-03-16 2021.
  • Hauglid, Mathias. Kunstig intelligens i helsetjenesten - rettslige og etiske utfordringer. Foredrag om kunstig intelligens i helsevesenet 2021-02-03 - 2021-02-03 2021.
  • Hauglid, Mathias; Mikalsen, Karl Øyvind; Lindsetmo, Rolv-Ole. Bruk av helseopplysninger i beslutningsstøtteverktøy (kunstig intelligens) - høringsuttalelse. (fulltekst) 2020.
  • Hauglid, Mathias. From Research to Automated Decision Tools - A Legal Road-Crossing. Open AI Webinar 2020-11-20 - 2020-11-20 2020.
  • Hauglid, Mathias. Applying the prohibition of direct and indirect racial discrimination to algorithm-driven decision support tools. Doctoral Workshop in conjunction with the XXXV Nordic Conference on Law & IT 2020-11-10 - 2020-11-10 2020.
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