autumn 2017
AAT-1002 Experience, Marketing and Sales - 20 ECTS

Last changed 21.02.2018

Type of course

The course is a part of Year Programme and Bachelor's degree in Arctic Adventure Tourism and could not be taken as a single course.

Course content

General value basis

  • The course will relate marketing, sales and experience themes to the value basis of respect and consideration for nature and culture.


  • Traditional marketing functions: the P's
  • Market segmentation
  • Consumer behavior; AIDA (Attention-Interest-Desire-Action)
  • Tourism consumption


  • Production and consumption
  • Types and levels of experiences
  • The psychological basis for experiences
  • Experience settings: indoors and outdoors
  • Environmental psychology
  • Experience production and design: elements and processes
  • Experience and service: storytelling, hospitality and guiding
  • Experience production and guest knowledge: markets and marketing
  • The experience economy ideology
  • Experience products and producers: visits/presentations and an analysis of production connected to content themes


  • Sales channels
  • B2C, B2B, agents, workshops, etc.
  • Internet
  • Value-based pricing

Objectives of the course


The candidate will gain knowledge of:

  • basic concepts, models and theories relating to marketing and sales, particularly relationship marketing; and
  • basic concepts, models and theories of experience production.


The candidate will:

  • be able to analyze experience products and suggest changes/improvements to existing products;
  • be able to develop a presentation, a brochure or an Internet presentation of an experience product; and
  • be able to communicate with relevant stakeholders.


The candidate will:

  • contribute in processes concerning the development of profitable experience products, marketing and sales, etc.
  • contribute with a critical and reflective view of development with regard to sustainability of nature and culture, and the economic viability of destinations.

Language of instruction


Teaching methods

Lectures: - Weekly lectures, seminars, student presentations - Individual/ group - Practical training, e.g. roleplay - Industry visits, guest lectures, etc.

Practical training: Test labs in cooperation with businesses.



- One individual written assignment/report

- One group assignment, including a presentation/report

- 70% attendance in all student activities and lectures is required in order to take the exam. Accordingly, the mandatory assignments must be approved before the student can take the exam.


- Individual written home exam. Duration: 14 days.

The written exam, presentations and assignments must be completed in English.

Grading: scale A  to E for passed exam, F for failed.

A re-sit exam will be arranged for this course in case of F.


  • About the course
  • Campus: Alta |
  • ECTS: 20
  • Course code: AAT-1002