The fantastic world of Chemistry

Education and research at the Department cover the following topics:

  • chemistry of materials
  • drug development
  • enzyme technology
  • biotechnology
  • marine bioprospecting
  • chemical synthesis
  • basic theoretical chemistry
  • biomodelling
  • bioinformatics

The staff (appr 100) are focused on educating quailified chemists for society and perfoming research on an international level.

Employees at Department of Chemistry:

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Chemistry is fun for everybody The Department of Chemistry drew large crowds at the Science Days 2017.
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Chemistry without borders at the Science Days How does does a lava lamp work? Can you set your own hand on fire without hurting it? And what happens if you remove the shell of an egg and put it in syrup?
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Our Studies



Research Centers



SfB - Center for Bioinformatics

SmallStruct - Determination of organic/inorganic compounds by MS, NMR and X-ray crystallography

NorStruct - Structure determination and characterization of biological macromolecules

NMR - Facilities and services available at the Department of Chemistry