Research – Department of Chemistry

Research – Department of Chemistry

Our research represent key expertise in selected methods, but overlap in research projects and topics. Overall, the expertise at the Department includes chemical synthesis, transition metals chemistry, theoretical and computational chemistry, structural chemistry and biology, protein chemistry, biomodelling, bioinformatics. The applied research covers materials chemistry, medicinal chemistry, enzyme technology and biotechnology.

The high quality of the research is also demonstrated by the fact that the Department has been given the responsibility for dedicated centers and platforms in chemistry and chemical biology research in Norway:

  • In 2007 a Centre of Excelence (CoE) in theoretical and computational chemistry, was established ("Centre for Theoretical and Computational Chemistry").
  • The Department has since 2003 been responsible for the national research and competence centre in structural chemistry and biology (NorStruct – Norwegian Structural Biology Centre)
  • The Department is an active partner in a Centre for Research-Based Innnovation (CRI) in marine bioprospecting (MabCent). This is through research projects and technology platforms such as among others SmallStruct.
  • The Department is responsible for one of five nodes in the national bioinformatics platform (Norwegian E-infrastructure for Life Sciences) the integrated system biology SfB.

As stated in the Strategy plan (in Norwegian only), the Department is fostering an overall biological chemistry profile of the research, but the research covers a broad specter of topics - from materials chemistry, basic theoretical chemistry research, organic synthesis to applied fields like biotechnology and medicinal chemistry and drug design.


We have 22 projects at our unit: