Education – Department of Chemistry

Education – Department of Chemistry

The future is crying out for capable and well-educated chemists.

The field of chemistry is essential for the development of alternative and renewable energy sources (solar energy and biofuels). Chemists must take the initiative in developing environmentally friendly and “smart” materials (materials chemistry and nanotechnology) and will have a central role with regard to the surveillance of environmental poisons and climate gases and in tackling them. The world has a great need for new drugs for the treatment of major diseases and for protection against epidemics and pandemics that may threaten us. It is chemists who have to make these medicines.

If you choose to study chemistry at the University of Tromsø you will be joining a young, active and highly regarded center of chemistry.

The Department offers  a Master in Chemistry taught in English.

Phd-programmes in all of the Departments research topics are offerered.  


Bachelor (3 years)

Master (1½ – 5 years)

Further and continuing education