About us – Department of Chemistry

About us – Department of Chemistry

https://uit.no/ansatte/person?p_document_id=41032The Department of Chemistry at the Faculty of Science and Technology has its main facilities at the Science building on the University campus in Breivika. The Department’s administration and management are located on the third floor of the Science building’s C-wing (the Science building is building 25 in the picture). In addition to C-wing the Department also has facilities at Tromsø Science Park (number 18 in the picture).

The Department’s main tasks are education, research, outreach, and communication. It has a clearly defined aim to increase the number of students within chemistry and carries out a comprehensive communication and outreach program, most particularly amongst junior and senior high schools. The arrangements for visits from such schools have proven to be particularly popular.

The Department offers programs at bachelor, master and doctoral level and qualifies candidates in a whole range of different professional fields that involve chemistry. Moreover, the Department also organizes further education for teachers within chemistry at all levels.

The Department of Chemistry is a large workplace with approximately 100 employees of whom 24 are permanent staff. The majority of the staff are employed as researchers and doctoral students on one or more of the many research projects at the Department covering a wide spectrum from basic to applied research. The Department represents a large and very international working environment where around 60% of the employees are foreign nationals representing 20 – 25 different countries.

Mail Address:

Department of Chemistry
Faculty of Science and Technology
UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Mailbox 6050 Langnes
N-9037 Tromsø

Phone.: +47 77 64 40 01

Head of Department: 
Annette Bayer, 77 64 40 69

Head of Office: 

Ronny Helland, 77 64 64 74

Main Personal Safety Representative:
Eva Bjørkeng, +47 77 64 58 01

Personal Safety Representative:


Truls Ingebrigtsen, 77 64 40 95  

Jostein Johansen, 77 64 51 12 

Forskn.parken 3: 
Eva Bjørkeng, 77 64 58 01

Trine Carlsen, 77 64 59 94